Biocomplexity of frost-boil ecosystems
Principal Investigator: Walker, Donald A (4)
Licence Number: 13966
Organization: University of Alaska Fairbanks
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005 2004 2003
Issued: Apr 21, 2006
Project Team: Donald Walker (Project leader, UAF, Fairbanks), Vladimir Romanovsky (Prof. , UAF, Fairbanks), Anja Kade (PhD Student, UAF, Fairbanks), Ken Tape (PhD student, UAF, Fairbanks), Manny Kudlak (local hunter, Sachs Harbour), Patrick Kuss (post-doc researcher, UAF, Fairbanks)

Project Description: The central goal of this project is to understand the complex linkages between biogeochemical cycles, vegetation, disturbance, and climate across the full summer temperature gradient in the Arctic in order to better predict ecosystem responses to changing climate.

A group of 4-6 researchers will fly to Green Cabin on Banks Island, on to Mould Bay on Prince Patrick Island, and then to Isachsen on Ellef Ringnes Island, for 1-2 days at each location. No base camps will be set up this year. During the May trip, snow depth at vegetation plots will be measured and climate data downloaded. During the August trip data recorders will be retrieved and climate data downloaded.

Numerous scientific papers have been written as a result of this research. At the end of this project, a synthesis paper will be written to summarize the results of the research. This paper will be made available to local communities.
The study will be conducted from May 10-20, and August 15-25, 2006 at the following locations: Green Cabin (73°14' 119°30'), Mould Bay (76°14' 119°20'), and Isachsen (78° 48' 103° 30').