Enhanced Sewage Treatment Using Aeration Technology

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: engineering, northern community, wastewater treatment

Principal Investigator: Bujold, Ron (1)
Licence Number: 13989
Organization: Environment Canada
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005
Issued: Jun 02, 2006

Project Description: Sewage and wastewater treatment can be expensive and problematic in northern communities. Technology hitherto untried in the North will be tested to determine efficiency and the potential benefits to northern communities in terms of reduced economic burden and increased environmental benefits.

Samples will be collected from the Rae and Edzo wastewater treatment facilities for baseline information. Two Enviro-700 series pond mills will be installed in the Rae sewage lagoon, and two commercial Aquarian aerator submersible pumps will be installed in the Edzo sewage lagoon. All weather electrical panels will be installed at both sites as both units require a power source. Water samples will be collected bi-monthly from the decant water in the holding lagoons except for the period around freeze-up when ice thickness is unsafe. Both systems have been successfully used in the south for similar treatment purposes, but the technology has not been tested in the Northwest Territories. Presentations will be given to the communities on the system and results of the study. The results could minimize environmental degradation associated with effluent discharge and may cut costs associated with sewage disposal.
The study will be conducted from June 2 to December 31, 2006 at the Hamlet of Rae and the Hamlet of Edzo sewage lagoons.