Southern Bear Province Geological Mapping Project
Principal Investigator: Jackson, Valerie A (8)
Licence Number: 13993
Organization: NWT Geoscience Office - INAC
Licensed Year(s): 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Issued: Jun 05, 2006
Project Team: unnamed university students (field assistants, mappers, unnamed universities), Ootes and Goff (coworkers, specialized studies, NTGO), Louise Corriveau, David Snyder (specialized studies, Geological Survey of Canada), Sarah Gleeson (specialized studies , University of Albeta)

Project Description: The project is aimed at obtaining a better understanding of the bedrock geology and mineral potential of the South Bear area.

Travel will be by float plane, helicopter, zodiac and walking (up to 15 km)from there. Researchers will note details of the rocks and some samples of the rocks (1-5 kg) will be taken for further examination to determine the composition, age, and geologic history of the rock. Garbage will be packed out. A solar panel, and small generator are used to power the computer and satellite phone.

Project results will be presented at the Yellowknife Geoscience Forum, NWT Geoscience Office website ( and for the Aurora Research Institute. An information package will be provided to Gameti upon completion.
The project area lies between the community of Gameti and Chartrand Lake (115o30'W and 64o30'N), encompassing Mattberry, Ingray, De Vries, Norris, Zinto, Black Lichen, and Castor lakes and partly limited in the west by the Camsell River system. Possible locations include: Castor Lake, Black Lichen Lake, Margaret Lake, and Hardisty Lake. Fieldwork will take place from June 5 to October 31, 2006.