Pointed Mountain

Regions: Dehcho Region

Tags: site remediation, water quality, site decommission

Principal Investigator: Stone, Larry (2)
Licence Number: 14023
Organization: Warthog / BP Canada Energy Company
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Issued: Jul 14, 2006
Project Team: Larry Stone (Environmental Lead, BP ), David Alberti (Environmental Consultant, Alpine Environmental)

Project Description: The objective of this assessment is to examine the quality of groundwater and surface water in the Pointed Mountain Gas Field in conjunction with the decommissioning of the gas field. Groundwater sampling will occur at 5 well sites, 1 plant site, and the airstrip.

All equipment used and waste generated will be transported out of the sites each day. Transportation will be by helicopter and truck.

A report of the findings will be made available to the affected community organizations.
Project activities will be conducted from July 14 to November 30, 2006. Groundwater sampling will occur at sites within the Pointed Mountain Gas Field, specifically: 5 wellsites, 1 plant site, 1 airstrip site. Surface water sampling locations are around the Pointed Mountain Gas Field. The Pointed Mountain Gas Field is located approximately 30 km NW of the Hamlet of Fort Liard.

The Beaver camp located in Fort Liard will be used by out-of-town crew involved in the project for the duration of this work.