Surveys of Rare and Exotic Plants in the NWT

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Gwich'in Settlement Area, Dehcho Region, North Slave Region, South Slave Region

Tags: biology, native plants, plant distribution, vegetation, botany, rare plants, anthropogenic impacts

Principal Investigator: Oldham, Micheal (1)
Licence Number: 14058
Organization: Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Issued: Aug 14, 2006
Project Team: M Oldham (Botanist, ONHIC), Bruce Bennett (Botanist (Yukon), Gov. Yukon), Mirelle Oldham (Technician botanist)

Project Description: Indigenous rare plants exist in the NWT, including in parts of the Mackenzie Mountains and the Beaufort Sea coast (especially in areas that were not glaciated). Alien species may be spreading along roads. There are 94 species of alien plants, transported to the territories by human activity.

Surveys pf alien and rare plants will be conducted along roads in the North, South Slave and DehCho regions. Exotic plants will be systematically sampled by revisiting sites already sampled during the past 20 years for other studies, to determine how distribution and species composition have changed. Both alien and rare plants will be surveyed. Collection of rare plants includes taking one or two voucher specimens or photographs, and leaving a healthy population. Rare plant locations will be kept confidential.

Presentations on the vascular plants of the NWT will be given in Fort Simpson and Yellowknife, and in other communities upon request.
Fieldwork will be conducted from August 14 to September 14, 2006.