People, Land and Pipelines: Perspectives of Resource Decision-Making Processes in the Sahtu Region, Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: McLafferty, Carly A (4)
Licence Number: 14063
Organization: University of Alberta
Licensed Year(s): 2010 2007 2006
Issued: Aug 14, 2006

Project Description: This PhD research project concerns examining resource decision-making processes associated with proposals for the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. In particular, the research will explore the ways in which people in the Sahtu are engaged in consultation, environmental assessment, and public participation processes.

The main research methods employed in this project include participant observation and interviews with community members. As the proposed Mackenzie Valley Pipeline involves a host of both local and trans-local influences, interviews with representatives from the various agencies involved in the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline assessment process will be conducted in order to understand the role of non-community institutions in resource decision-making processes. Formal interviews will be recorded and transcribed (with participants’ consent). Data collected as a result of participant observation activities will be logged in a field journal.

All research participants will be informed about the objectives and design of the research at the commencement of research activities, and consent for research will be obtained from acknowledged community officials and community members at that time. Copies of any reports or publications written as a result of the research will be provided to the administrative bodies in the community and research participants. Copies of interview transcripts will be provided to research participants upon request. Results of the research will also be provided to communities for use in any future projects requiring consultation or public participation processes.
Fieldwork will be conducted from August 15-29, 2006 within the municipal bounds of Deline.