Industrial Development and Indigenous Peoples of the Russian and Canadian North: Interaction, Losses, Acquisitions

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Tags: social sciences, wellness, anthropology, co-management, natural resources, cross-cultural

Principal Investigator: Novikova, Natalya I. (1)
Licence Number: 14079
Organization: Institute of Ethnology and Antropology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Issued: Oct 06, 2006

Project Description: The major issues in the interaction of indigenous peoples and industrial corporations are the right of aboriginal peoples to natural resources, and aboriginal participation and co-management of these resources. These issues generate heated discussion on all levels of power, and acquire the character of conflict in everyday life. Lack of understanding about other parties’ intentions precludes engagement in a productive dialogue between indigenous peoples and business. The proposed research aims to compare Russia and Canada’s indigenous peoples’ involvement in the use and management of natural resources. Major attention will be paid to the degree of involvement of indigenous peoples in the process of decision-making with regards to industrial development, and the influence this decision-making has on people’s everyday life and level of well-being.

Methods of interpretative anthropology will serve as the methodological foundation of the research. Interviews will constitute the basic method of data collection. Ten to fifteen Inuvialuit beneficiaries (adults only) will be interviewed. Representatives from industry who communicate with First Nations in their work will also be interviewed. Interviews will be carried out at venues specified by research participants. Permission will be sought from all participants regarding the recording of interviews, taking of photographs, and the use of personal names in forthcoming publications.

A plain language summary of, as well as copies of papers and other publications stemming from, the research will be shared with the community and the Aurora Research Institute.
The study will be conducted from October 6-30, 2006 within the municipal bounds of Inuvik.