Timing of glaciation and uplift of the Richardson Mountains and connection to Old Crow basin, northern Yukon

Regions: Gwich'in Settlement Area

Tags: physical sciences, geology, sediment

Principal Investigator: Froese, Duane G (6)
Licence Number: 14739
Organization: University of Alberta
Licensed Year(s): 2010
Issued: Jun 15, 2010
Project Team: Paul Sanborn (Soil Scientist, University of Northern British Columbia), Kristen Kennedy (Geoscientist, Yukon Geological Survey)

Objective(s): Observe and document sediments exposed along the upper Rat River. Collect samples of sediments for potential radiocarbon dating.

Project Description: The objectives of this study are to observe and document sediments exposed along the upper Rat River, also to collect samples of sediments for potential radiocarbon dating.

Researchers will fly into area via helicopter from Old Crow. Where possible the helicopter will land adjacent to river escarpments for access to large river bars or wide banks. Researchers will climb up banks to observe sediments at various elevations. Samples will be collected at various elevations and have volumes of 1-2 litres. Total number of samples will be approximately 25 over 2 or 3 locations. Only one day of research is planned, weather permitting date of travel.

This project largely takes place in northern Yukon, in conjunction with the community of Old Crow and understanding the geologic history of recent events that produce the surface materials in the Old Crow region- along the Bell and Porcupine Rivers. We will keep working with the Vuntut Gwitchin on this project, but would be happy to include someone from the NWT when we access a single site in the Rat River during the course of this project.

Copies of all research resulting from this project will be supplied to the Aurora Research Institute and to communities as ARI thinks appropriate. A public presentation will be arranged if there is interest from the community of Fort McPherson, similar to the routine presentations on this research in the village of Old Crow.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from July 7 – 15, 2010.