Late Proterozoic stratigraphy of northwestern Canada and its record of Earth system evolution
Principal Investigator: Halverson, Galen P (2)
Licence Number: 14921
Organization: McGill University
Licensed Year(s): 2014 2011
Issued: May 31, 2011
Project Team: Francis Macdonald (Collaborator, Harvard University), Boswell Wing (Collaborator, McGill University), Grant Cox (Collaborator, PhD student)

Objective(s): To develop a robust stratigraphic framework for the late Proterozoic sedimentary succession in northwestern Canada

Project Description: The objectives of this study are:
1. to improve the geological, tectonic, and geochemical constraints on the emplacement of ca. 780 Ma Little Dal Basalt and associated sill and dikes and the deposition of the overlying Coats Lake Group; and
2. to improve correlation between the Little Dal Group and similar-aged strata in the Yukon Territory in order to under the origin and geometry of this sedimentary.

This work in the Mackenzie Mountains involves first establishing a fly camp strategically located to allow the maximum area in a region of interest that can then be accessed by foot. Fieldwork will consist of a combination of geological mapping, logging of stratigraphic sections, detailed observations of geological features, and collection of samples for geochemical and geochronological analyses. All samples are collected by hand from outcrops with small rock hammers, and only the required amount of sample to make the desired analyses will be collected. Therefore, sample collection is minimally destructive with no environmental impact.

The research into the stratigraphic and tectonic evolution of the northern Canadian Cordillera during the late Proterozoic has direct implications for the distribution, timing, and mechanisms of copper and iron mineralization in northwestern Canada. Specifically, the research team will work on rocks that host the Coats Lake stratiform copper deposits and the Rapitan banded iron formation, both of which are prospective mineral occurrences.

All results of this research will be published by the principal investigator and his collaborators. Reprints of these publications and geological mapping data will be provided to the NWT Geoscience Office and the Sahtu First Nations.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from July 6, 2011 to July 14, 2011.