ConocoPhillips Amauligak Traditional Land Use and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies Program 2014/2015

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Gwich'in Settlement Area

Tags: petroleum industry, traditional knowledge, Beaufort Sea, socio-cultural

Principal Investigator: Krizan, Julia (14)
Licence Number: 15567
Organization: IMG-Golder Corporation
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Issued: Dec 12, 2014
Project Team: Julia Krizan (Project Manager, IMG-Golder Corporation), Mitchell Goodjohn (Senior Advisor, Golder Associates), Julie Ross (TEK Facilitator, Golder Associates), Peter Evans (TEK Facilitator, EverNorth Consulting), Luc Prefontaine (Biologist, IMG-Golder Corporation), Genny Michiel (Environmental Technician, IMG-Golder Corporation), Robert Buckle (Community Liaison Manager (CLM), Gwich'in Aklavik), Michelle Gruben (CLM, Inuvialuit Aklavik), Jody Snowshoe (CLM, Gwich'in Inuvik), Lawrence Kaglik (CLM, Inuvialuit Inuvik), Melanie Wolki (CLM, Paulatuk), Yvonne Elias (CLM, Sachs Harbour), Marjorie Ovayuak (CLM, Tuktoyaktuk), Victoria Akhiatak (CLM, Ulukhaktok)

Objective(s): To document existing traditional land use information and traditional ecological knowledge from the Inuvialuit and Gwich’in to enhance ConocoPhillips’ understanding of resources relevant to the communities, and their possible interactions with the potential Amauligak project design, construction, operations and abandonment.

Project Description: In 2012, ConocoPhillips Canada, as operator of the Amauligak lease, initiated the three-year Amauligak Study Program. The Study Program will identify and determine the feasibility of the most appropriate development concept for potential production from the Amauligak lease located in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. Should ConocoPhillips proceed to the development phase with Amauligak, it is anticipated to consist of year-round offshore oil production and transport-to-market facilities (concept to be determined).

ConocoPhillips has retained Golder Associates Ltd. and IMG-Golder Corporation (collectively referred to as “Golder”) to undertake the Traditional Land Use (TLU) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Study Program (the Project) as part of the broader Amauligak Study Program. The objectives of this Project are to:
•document existing TLU information including current and historical traditional uses in the Study Area;
•collect baseline community-specific TEK in Aklavik, Inuvik, Paulatuk, Sachs Harbour, Tuktoyaktuk and Ulukhaktok from the Inuvialuit and Gwich’in to enhance ConocoPhillips’ understanding of resources relevant to the communities, and their possible interactions with the potential Amauligak project design, construction, operations and abandonment; and
•identify community-based perceptions about natural resources as they relate to traditional lifestyles or quality of life, and to assist with early collection of socio-economic and cultural information.

TEK information will be primarily collected through community Visits. Details about the TEK collection and reporting were discussed during the Planning Workshop in Inuvik. Thirteen community members attended the workshop with at least one person from each community and Aboriginal group. The community members recommended that TEK information should be collected during the Community Visits in the form of focus group discussions with additional individual interviews, should some knowledge holders request them. The research team will work with the local HTCs or RRCs to identify knowledge holders for the TEK collection. Knowledge holders are considered to be those with specialized TEK information about resources in and around the Amauligak lease area and their respective communities. While knowledge holders will be selected based on their knowledge, a mixture of older and younger, and male and female adults is anticipated so as to gain historical and current perspectives.

In conjunction with a specialized sub-contractor, the concept of an Amauligak TLU / TEK Website was developed, including two components:
•a Public Web Portal; and
•a Secure Web-based Information System.
The Public Web Portal is a community information platform where community members and the public can access the latest information about the Project, including upcoming meetings, workshops, and other aspects. The Secure Web-based Information System has the ability to host video, audio, text files and maps that will be accessible to registered community-specific users. Use of the Amauligak TLU/TEK website is optional for the communities and subject to written agreements between each participating community, Golder and ConocoPhillips. As the agreements have not been developed, use of the Amauligak TLU/TEK Website is provided for information purposes only and should not be considered as part of the permission being sought under this research licence.

Ten to fifteen knowledge holders from each community and Aboriginal group will be invited to participate in collection of TEK during the Community Visits. The same group will be invited again to validate (review and edit) their community-specific draft TEK report.

The individuals contributing the information, as well as the community they represent will retain ownership of their respective information and will have the right to withdraw its use from the Project. Individuals may withdraw from the Project at any time by indicating their choice to, the researchers during the Community Visits or by contacting the Principal Investigator. Once the results of the TEK collections have been compiled into community-specific draft TEK reports, participating individuals will have the opportunity to review and edit their information prior to development of the final reports.

ConocoPhillips will have the rights to the final eight community-specific TEK reports. Copies of the reports will be submitted to the HTCs, CCs and RRCs in each of the participating communities and the GTC. Communities may choose to post the reports (or any other information) on their community’s Secure Web-based Information System. Each community and Aboriginal group controls their community’s Secure Web-based Information System and can upload information at their discretion.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from December 13, 2014 to December 31, 2014.