Informing a Health ICT Strategy for Alberta's Ministry of Health

Regions: North Slave Region

Tags: health, health care, digital technology

Principal Investigator: Saunders, William C (1)
Licence Number: 16404
Organization: University of Calgary
Licensed Year(s): 2018
Issued: Sep 18, 2018
Project Team: Hardcastle, Lorian (Co-Investigators, University of Calgary), Rabi, Doreen (Co-Investigators, University of Calgary), Ghali, William (Co-Investigators, University of Calgary)

Objective(s): To gain information through engagement with key stakeholders on how health information and communication technology addresses the governance of health data.

Project Description: The specific research objectives are to address the following Research Questions:
1. How are other jurisdictions managing health information and communication technology (ICT)?
2. Has centralized ICT been done in other jurisdictions? If so, what are the successes, failures, and lessons learned? Have any of these centralization attempts been reversed to remain in their own domains?
3. Is evidence available on the return on investment for centralization of ICT services?
4. How is health IT different from other IT that the government manages?
5. What information is important for governments to take into account when considering this type of option?
6. What are the risks to centralizing ICT services and how are they best mitigated?

The study design uses three methods: narrative literature review, environmental scan, and a more detailed case study approach. An environmental scan of all other Canadian jurisdictions will be conducted to assess how eHealth services are delivered, and to identify the governance and service delivery accountabilities within all other Canadian provinces/territories. It is in the context of the environmental scan that the research team plan to engage key stakeholders within the NWT.

The Ministry of Health, Government of Alberta is interested in understanding how other jurisdictions are addressing the governance of health data now that such data is originating from multiple sources and is being leveraged in contexts both within healthcare and beyond. Local involvement would consist of participating in interviews to convey local best practices within this problem domain.

The main report from this project will be delivered to the Ministry of Health, Government of Alberta. That report will be an internal document. Findings will be published in a journal and made available to the NWT communities. The research team also anticipate white papers of a practitioner nature that would flow from this work and be available to the NWT communities.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from September 19, 2018 to October 31, 2018.