What Good Consultation with Indigenous Peoples Means: Inuvialuit Research Regarding Climate Change, the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline and the Inuvialuit Land Claim Agreement

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Gwich'in Settlement Area

Tags: social sciences, climate change, economic development, community consultation

Principal Investigator: Thom, Brian (1)
Licence Number: 16600
Organization: University of Victoria
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Issued: Jul 24, 2019
Project Team: Brian Thom

Objective(s): To exemplify what it means to do good consultative work with Indigenous groups, while determining what their concerns are regarding the potential development of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, climate change, as well as Inuvialuit visions and/or concerns for the future.

Project Description: The methods used will be a mixed method approach consisting of literature review, interviews and focus groups. I will also incorporate Indigenous methodology, based on literature written by Indigenous scholars. At this point, it is unclear what that approach will be, though there is the general understanding that everything is related, and effects others in the interconnectedness of the cycle of life. This epistemology may be incorporated where relevant.

In each of the Inuvialuit communities, there is a Community Corporation, an Elders and Youth Committee, as well as a Hunters and Trappers Committee. Potential names and contact info will be requested, and research information passed on for those that may be interested to participate. Each of the communities are small, with populations ranging from 800 to 3500; generally speaking, in a sense everyone is familiar with everyone else, and messages and information is disseminated fairly quickly.

Recruitment will be initiated by telephone, with phone calls made to the Community Corporations, the Elders and Youth Committee office, as well as the Hunters and Trapper Corporation office. There will also be a follow up via email with a letter and a possible flyer regarding the research, what's involved as well as an approximate time frame for when the interviews will be conducted. Once contact information, or names are provided, contact through phone or email will be initiated to recruit potential participants, which will be followed up with an email if the participants would like to correspond that way as well.

Based on the confidentiality policy in each of the offices of the Community Corporation, Hunters and Trappers Committee, and the Elders and Youth Committee, the participants can either call or email me directly, or I can call them based on their preference. It will be at the discretion of the participants for how they would like to make contact.