R/V Mirai Arctic Ocean cruise in 2022

Regions: Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Gwich'in Settlement Area

Tags: physical sciences, oceanography, Microplastics, global warming

Principal Investigator: KITAMURA (ITOH), Motoyo (1)
Licence Number: 17028
Organization: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science Technology
Licensed Year(s): 2022
Issued: May 09, 2022
Project Team: Jonaotaro Onodera, Mariko Hatta, Ryota Nakajima, Takeshi Kinase, Michiyo Kawai, Masanobu Yamamoto, Leonid Polyak, Seung-Il Nam, André Pellerin, Alexey Portnov, Takuya Itaki, Willam Williams, Melling Humfrey, Sarah Zimmermann, Jane Eert, Jacqueline Grebmeier, David Snider

Objective(s): To monitor on-going Arctic changes, which are related to the recent global warming.

Project Description: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.5177.

The objective of this program is to monitor on-going Arctic changes, which are related to the recent global warming. Sea water measurements and plankton sampling are important to know oceanic ecosystem health because plankton are food for fish, seabirds and marine mammals. Microplastic pollution sampling and ocean wave measurement will be useful information to work on environment issues.

The Research Vessel Mirai (R/V Mirai) is an ice-resistant ship that has carried out research cruises in the Arctic Ocean, including the Beaufort Sea. The research team are planning a scientific program that will take the ship into the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. R/V Mirai proposes to conduct oceanographic surveys, including seawater, plankton, microplastic, and mud samplings in the Arctic Ocean.

The research team are currently submitting the application for consent to conduct marine scientific research to the Government of Canada. The team are also submitting the project to the Environmental Impact Screening Committee. The team will make contact with possibly affected communities of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. The primary communities would be Aklavik, Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk.

The fieldwork for this study will be conducted from September 5, 2022 to September 10, 2022