Geochronology and petrogenesis of the Archean Kaminak Lake Terrane

Regions: Kivalliq Region, Nunavut

Tags: physical sciences, volcanic rocks, volcanology

Principal Investigator: Cavell, Patricia A. (3)
Licence Number: 8031
Organization: University of Alberta, University of Toronto
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Issued: Jan 01, 1988
Project Team: Dr. H. Baadsgaard; Dr. J.R. Wijbrans; field assistant

Objective(s): to determine ages of igneous rock types in the Kaminak Lake region; to determine the Nd, Sr and Pb isotopic composition of the mantle source of the carbonatite intrusion; to deduce a source region and degree of crustal contamination of volcanic (extrusive) and granodioritic (intrusive) host rocks.