Limnology of Phalarope, Fish, and Upper Beschel Lakes of Truelove Lowlands (Devon Island)
Principal Investigator: Scheibli, Frank (1)
Licence Number: 8071
Organization: University of Western Ontario
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Issued: Jan 01, 1988
Project Team: Alex Wolfe; Dr. King

Objective(s): To determine chemical and physical characteristics of three larger lakes Truelove Lowlands (Devon Island); to collect water samples for subsequent chemical analyses at the university laboratory

Project Description: Frank Scheibli and Alex Wolfe are part of Dr. King's research party working on the Truelove Lowlands. They are sampling the waters of three larger lakes to record depths, temperatures, and chemical properties. They want to know how these things affect the formation of sediments on the bottom of the lake.