The importance of predation and habitat use in determing resource partitioning in a subarctic avian community
Principal Investigator: Legris, Andre (1)
Licence Number: 9049
Organization: Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Program, Trent University
Licensed Year(s): 1989
Issued: Jan 01, 1989
Project Team: Donna Legris

Objective(s): to monitor habitat and food preference of passerine birds; to assess the level of predation on nests; to compare the data with bird communities in southern regions; to determine the factors that allow different bird species to co-exist

Project Description: Mr. Legris and his assistant will study the way in which habitat and nest sites are used by different species in a subarctic bird community. This will be done by examining the level of predation on nests of different species and how these same species use