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Inquiry: Listening to the Elders
Principal Investigator: Christie, Gordon
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Summary: The goal of this project is to create a bridge so that indigenous and non-indigenous youth can explore and debate issues around Aboriginal rights. The Inquiry exhibition is visiting eight colleges and universities across Canada, welcoming classes from Engineering to Fine Arts. Students sit in small groups and each student reads a “scrapbook” created from an interview with one participant in ...

“Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland”: An Examination of the Impacts of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry on Hydrocarbon Development in the Northwest Territories 1977-2013
Principal Investigator: Beaulieu, Michel S
Licensed Year(s): 2014 2013
Summary: The primary purpose of this research project is to determine how key recommendations from the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (commonly referred to as the Berger Inquiry or, for the purpose of this research, the Inquiry) have affected oil and gas development in the Northwest Territories (NWT) over the past thirty-six years. Through analysis of the Inquiry and the recommendations that resulted fr...

The Consequences of the Berger Inquiry
Principal Investigator: Moore, Carol
Licensed Year(s): 1999
Summary: Two groups of people will be interviewed as part of this study: 1) Elders who currently reside in Fort Simpson, and 2) Individuals who lived in the community immediately after the Berger Inquiry. All participants in the study will be interviewed at their own convenience in an attempt to understand their unique perspectives, values and life experiences. The nature of the study will be completely di...