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The relative effects of phonetic and phonological salience on speech sound processing
Principal Investigator: Barzilai, Maya L
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: The objective of this project is to examine cases in which the phonetic and phonological properties of a pair of speech sounds make conflicting about predictions in which sound will be more easily processed. Tlicho, a phonologically Low-marked language, provides an ideal test ground for this question. High tones are more phonetically salient, where as low tones are more salient in the grammatical ...

Non-Canonical Relative Clauses: Universals and Variation in Compositionality
Principal Investigator: Shimoyama, Junko
Licensed Year(s): 2018 2017 2016
Summary: The purpose of this research project is to understand how the meanings of sentences are related to the meanings of individual words and the way words are combined in different languages. ‘Compositionality’, a word in the title of this project, means how words are combined. Because a language is too large to study everything at once, the research team will study a type of relative clause. An exa...

Recipes for literacy
Principal Investigator: Saxon, Leslie A.
Licensed Year(s): 2017
Summary: There are two research objectives: 1) to develop a bilingual Tlicho-English recipe and instruction book with collaboration from Tlicho language and culture experts and community members. This will be a community resource. (There may be instructions relating to cooking that are not exactly recipes, but the research team will refer to them as “recipes” in what follows.) 2) The research focuses on me...

Conditionals and temporal expressions in Tlicho Yatii
Principal Investigator: Anisman, Adar
Licensed Year(s): 2017 2016
Summary: This research has two main objectives are to: 1. conduct linguistics research about the structure and meaning of conditional clauses and counterfactuals in Tlicho; and, 2. work towards updating the online Tlicho dictionary with new words, audio for existing words, and additional example sentences to existing entries. Participants will be asked to translate sentences from English to Tlicho aft...

Tlicho On-line and Print Dictionary
Principal Investigator: Saxon, Leslie A.
Licensed Year(s): 2015 2014 2013 2011 2009
Summary: The objectives of this research project are to: 1. continue development of the existing on-line dictionary, available publically at (http://tlicho.ling.uvic.ca); 2. continue development of the iPod/iPad/iPhone application "Yati", which is currently available for download from the iTunes store; 3. develop templates for the production of new print editions of the primary dictionary and larger dic...

Tlicho Dene Foodways
Principal Investigator: Walsh, David
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: To examine Tlicho relationships with the environment, specifically with food-animals, through the lens of foodways - the beliefs, practices, rituals, and culture around food. The hypothesis is that an ethnographic study of foodways will reveal a dynamic social relationship with animals and other beings in the environment. This research will involve the Rae-Edzo Friendship Center and local harveste...

Exclusive Breast Feeding for all Tlicho Mothers in the First 6 Months
Principal Investigator: Moffitt, Pertice M
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: The objectives of this research project are: 1) to conduct a retrospective chart audit to provide epidemiological data on the breast feeding rate of Tlicho women; 2) to conduct semi structured interviews with Tlicho mothers and elders to provide culturally specific data on the determinants of breast feeding; and 3) informed from the data in objectives 1 and 2, create a health promotion video to en...

Tlicho Yatii Auxiliary Verbs
Principal Investigator: Welch, Nicholas D S
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2009 2007
Summary: The objective of this work is to investigate auxiliary verb use in Tlicho Yatii. The knowledge will then be compared to auxiliary verbs in other Northern Athabaskan languages. This research is important because Northern Athabaskan languages are threatened by English. Research may aid the preservation of these languages, which is important both to cultural pride and to linguistic diversity. Documen...

Dogrib Textual Studies
Principal Investigator: Saxon, Leslie A.
Licensed Year(s): 2005 2004 2003
Summary: Working together with Tli\cho\ communities, the two main research goals are to publish books and CDs of Tli\cho\ stories about travel, and to train Tli\cho\ people and university students in language research. The research will be done in the Tli\cho\ area and at the University of Victoria. Stories on tape and stories collected through interviews will be written down by researchers, sorted out ...