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Past climate change and carbon cycle in the Arctic region
Principal Investigator: Takizawa, Takatoshi
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Summary: During the last glacial maximum (LGM), the sea level was lowered by ~125m. After the LGM, the area of Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas expanded dramatically, in association with the rapid raising of the sea level due to the collapse of the continental glacier, and the nutrient rich Pacific water stream into Chukchi Sea had become stronger than that of during the LGM. The abrupt rise of sea level...

Environmental and Sea Level Change in the Northwestern Arctic Archipelago
Principal Investigator: England, John H
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Summary: This research is concerned with the nature and style of past glaciations as well as the history of sea level and climatic changes in the western Arctic. The broad objective is to obtain a long term paleoclimatic record (before the arrival of the Pre-Dors...

1) Younger Dryas Climate Threshold Events; 2) Assessing Stability of Sea Ice Cover in the Northwest Passage
Principal Investigator: Hodgson, D.A.
Licensed Year(s): 2003 2002 2001 2000
Summary: Under instruction from Natural Resources Canada Climate change program, this project aims to: (1) examine Northwest Victoria Island for evidence of glacial and sea level changes associated with the Younger Dryas cooling period that affected the northern...

Neoproterozoic Keele Formation, Mackenzie Mountains, NWT and its relation to to major Late Proterozoic glaciations.
Principal Investigator: Day, Edith
Licensed Year(s): 2001
Summary: The research team will be flown from Norman Wells to the base camp at Moose Horn River by helicopter. Moves to fly camps (Stoneknife River and Black Wolf Creek) will also be made by helicopter. The camp will consist of one sleeping tent per team member and one cooking tent. The research team will walk to data collection sites on foot. Data collection will consist of measuring rocks with a rule...

Quaternary Geology of Northwest Baffin Island
Principal Investigator: Dyke, Arthur S.
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher and his team will make maps of land features and material that rests on rocks....

Glacial History of Wolf Valley in West Central Ellesmere Island
Principal Investigator: Sloan, Valerie
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Summary: Valerie Sloan is mapping the gravel and rock deposits made by the glaciers to determine where the last glaciers where. Since the weight of the glaciers caused the land to sink, she is also investigating how much the land has risen since the glaciers melted....

Licence #4088
Principal Investigator: Schwerdtner, W.M.
Licensed Year(s): 1984
Summary: To conclude the studies of the structural evolution of the eastern Sverdrup Basin over the past 200 million years. In particular, the origin of the evaporite related features on the east and west-central shores of Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago....

Licence #4078
Principal Investigator: Green, David
Licensed Year(s): 1984
Summary: A study of the Quaternary sediments across Russell Island with special emphasis on the raised marine deposits, to establish sea level fluctuations which are related to isostatic coastal movements during glaciations. Shell and wood fragments from beach depostis will be collected....