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Enhancement of Arctic Charr Culture in Canada
Principal Investigator: Ballantyne, James
Licensed Year(s): 1998
Summary: The project will develop new, improved lines of arctic charr for the aquaculture industry by sampling arctic charr from sites throughout the Canadian arctic, characterizing the charr physiologically and genetically, and selectively breeding for traits desirable for hatchery culture (improved survival at higher temperatures and salinities). Genetic characterization will facilitate future stock iden...

Phase 3 - Seaweed Commercialization Project: To Inventory and Test Harvest Seaweeds Found in the Whale Cove Area.
Principal Investigator: Copland, Ian
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: Kelp resource assessment work will involve sampling/surveying to determine the relative distribution and abundance of kelp within the Whale Cove area. Additional sampling/surveying will be conducted during the West Hudson Bay test Fishery under supervision of the Dept. of Economic Development and Tourism. Experimentation with kelp farming and various processing techniques such as air drying, wil...

Assessment of seaweed species in the Whale Cove area
Principal Investigator: Copland, Ian
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: The researchers will conduct an inventory of the local seaweed stocks found within a 12-mile radius of Whale Cove. Samples of seaweed will be collected from areas with different habitat (e.g., solid rock seabed, cobble seabed, etc.) to determine species type, and plant size and maturity. In addition, a collection device (called a `drag') will be used to gather larger samples of seaweed in order ...

Licence #4046
Principal Investigator: Johnson, Lionel
Licensed Year(s): 1984
Summary: 1) Arctic char biology 2) Experimental cropping of whitefish and lake trout....