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Pitquhiraluavut Puiglimiatavut (We will not forget our ways): Bringing home photographs of the Inuinnait Collection at the British Museum
Principal Investigator: Balanoff, Helen
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2007 2007
Summary: Through a partnership of Inuinnait communities and the British Museum, this project aims to repatriate traditional knowledge (language, literacies, narratives, values and beliefs) through viewing and visiting “things that talk” (historical photographs and objects) currently in the British Museum in London, England. This project involves visual repatriation of traditional knowledge through histo...

Public archeology for the 21st century: Collaboration with an Arctic community
Principal Investigator: Lyons, Natasha L.
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005
Summary: This project was first suggested by the Aklavik Community Corporation and is a collaboration between the researcher and the community. The Inuvialuit community in Aklavik recognizes that Elders' knowledge is being lost very quickly and this has spurred...

Northern People - Northern Knowledge; the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918
Principal Investigator: Gray, David
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: The researcher is collecting information on the Canadian Arcitc Expedition (CAE) of 1913-1918 commanded by Vihjalmur Stefansson in preperation for an on-line (Internet) exhibit for the Virtual Museum of Canada. The objectives of this research are: 1) to...

Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula interior archaeology project
Principal Investigator: Swayze, Ken
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: The researcher will conduct a series of short visits to areas with specific characteristics to determine if these areas have sites containing artifacts dating back thousands of years. If an older site is located, the researcher will document information about the site in order that further investigations at a later date can be conducted. Licence issued for use of Inuvik Research Centre....

Meta Incognita-Archaeology of the Frobisher Voyages
Principal Investigator: Laeyendecker, Dosia
Licensed Year(s): 1992
Summary: The researcher and her team will excavate Inuit houses near Kodlunarn Island to study possible contact between these Inuit and Frobisher's men, as well as influences and possible changes that this Frobisher intrusion may have made. Central to the study will be the examination of wooden artifacts found in these Inuit houses to determine whether they were made of English wood brought in by Frobishe...

Investigating the Loss of the James Knight Arctic Expedition, (1719-21)
Principal Investigator: Beattie, Owen B.
Licensed Year(s): 1991 1990
Summary: The Researchers will continue to investigate the cirucumstances surrounding the loss of the James Knight expedition of 1719. They will conduct an analysis of human and artifact remains recovered from the excavation of a house structure built by Knight and his men on Quartzite Island....

Tungatsivvik Archaeological Project
Principal Investigator: Stenton, Douglas R.
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1991
Summary: Community-based, this project will provide training for northern students and others interested in learning to conduct anthropological research which is focused on archaeology. Learning will include basic techniques used by archaeologists to study Inuit heritage. Instruction will be given to show the proper way to care for artifacts....

Research into the Third Franklin Expedition.
Principal Investigator: Beattie, Owen B.
Licensed Year(s): 1984
Summary: The project involved a multi-disciplinary approach to an important Canadian historical problem: the identification of the fate of the third Franklin expedition....