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Upper Cambrian Trilobite Biostratigraphy of the Cass Fiord Formation, Ellesmere Island
Principal Investigator: Pratt, Brian R.
Licensed Year(s): 1995 1993
Summary: The researcher will study trilobite fossil communities that exsisted in the Cambrian Period. Study of these fossils will help in more precisely dating the rocks laid down by this sea. The researcher will also prepare a biostratigraphic zonation....

Taxonomic and Biostratigraphic Studies of Silurian (about 400,000,000 years ago) Graptolites (extinct organisms) and Radiolaria (micro-organisms) of Central Arctic Islands.
Principal Investigator: Lenz, Alfred C.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988
Summary: The researchers will collect samples of shales and limestone at regular intervals (usually about every 1 metre or less). Samples of rock of up to 1-2 kg are collected from each horizon. Samples will be bagged and shipped back to the university for further study. This study will help researchers better understand the geological history of the Arctic....

Palaeozoic Microvertebrate Biochronology
Principal Investigator: Gagnier, Pierre-Yves
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: The collect on the field of paleontological sample is done like geographical sampling by breaking rock with a hammer. Once collect, the micro-remains of vertebrate fossils are extracted with acid preparation in laboratories. Carbonate rocks processed with acetic (vinegar) or formic acid. Rocks with siliceous matrix are generally processed by dissolution of the bone with chloridric acid. Biostrat...

Devonian Carbonates and Reef Development
Principal Investigator: Pedder, Alan E.H.
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher will collect 1/2 to 2 kilogram samples of limestone. These are sent to a lab for processing which leaves small fossils of calcium phosphate. These are studied to determine their age and the conditions of the life of the fossils....

Sedimentology and palynomorph biostratigraphy and paleoecology of Eclipse Trough, Bylot Island, NWT
Principal Investigator: Burden, Elliott
Licensed Year(s): 1991 1990 1988 1987
Summary: To continue developing comparative models for palynomorph dispersal and biostratigraphy in strata on the flanks of rifted and subsiding basins by mapping the strata of Eclipse Trough, Bylot Island...

Continuation of the research and fieldwork on Ellesmere and Banks Island of a biostratigraphic program on the marine fauna from the Eureka Sound Formation.
Principal Investigator: Zinsmeister, William J.
Licensed Year(s): 1988 1987
Summary: To determine: (1) the composition of the marine invertebrate faunas of the Eureka Sound Formation; (2) the stratigraphic distribution of individual taxa so that a biostratigraphic zonation could be established; (3) the biogeographic relationships of the faunas of the Eureka Sound Formation with temporal faunas of the North Atlantic....

Paleontological and geological research in the High Arctic (Ellesmere Island, Axel Heiberg and Devon Island)
Principal Investigator: Dawson, Mary R.
Licensed Year(s): 1987
Summary: To explore for fossil vertebrate in Cenozoic rocks of Ellesmere, Axel Heiberg and Devon islands, in hopes of expanding the record of terrestrial vertebrates known fromhigh latitudes; to find vertebrates older and younger than those previously found as well as to explore for fossil vertebrates in the Geodetic Hills area of eastern Axel Heiberg Island, in an attempt to date the unaltered fossil wood...

Licence #5013
Principal Investigator: Elliott, D.K.
Licensed Year(s): 1985
Summary: Biostratigraphic sections will be taken through the Peel Sound and Somerset Island formations on Somerset Island to increase knowledge of the relationship between the arctic Paleozoic vertebrate faunas and those in western Europe. To collect material and paleoecological data to study the habitats of early vertebrates....