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Assessment of the Boloria chariclea complex
Principal Investigator: Leski, Michael L
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2011
Summary: The primary objective of this project is to collect B. chariclea arctica from sites in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. A network of haplotypes will be constructed, based on the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene, and a mismatch analysis will be performed to determine if genetic structure has been influenced by a sudden expansion in population size or long term stability. ...

Canadian Global Change Transect: Northern Transect
Principal Investigator: Kerr, Jeremy T
Licensed Year(s): 2012
Summary: The Canadian Global Change Transect (CGCT) is a project of the Canadian Facility for Ecoinformatics Research at the University of Ottawa. The goal of the project is to assess and predict the effects of historical and future global changes on the spatial distribution of Canadian butterfly species through time. One of the key aspects of the CGCT to develop historical range calibrated models is the c...

Butterfly Inventory in the NWT
Principal Investigator: Layberry, Ross
Licensed Year(s): 2005
Summary: Butterflies are easily studied and can provide valuable information of changes occuring in northern ecosystems - including climate changes, and habitat changes. Many areas of the NWT have few studies on insects; therefore, this inventory work can inprove the baseline information of these species. The main investigator will travel with other NWT biologists to remote study sites and near comm...

A Review of the Butterfly Genus Erebia
Principal Investigator: Tennent, John
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: This is the first part of a planned review of the circumpolar butterfly genus Erebia. The researcher will be self driven. Photographs will be taken of live Erebia specimens and habitats. Voucher specimens will be collected using standard insect net, for...

Butterfly fauna of the western Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Nakamura, Ichiro
Licensed Year(s): 1997
Summary: Butterflies will be observed and some specimens collected along the Dempster Highway in the western part of the NWT for several days in late June to early July. The areas to be covered will be limited to within a few miles from the road. Sample specimens will be secured to provide definitive identification and as representatives of the local populations. However, no unnecessary specimens will b...

Avifaunal Survey of the James Bay Islands
Principal Investigator: Tymstra, Robert
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: This long-term study documents the types of birds found on the major islands in James Bay. Sightings of mammals, amphibians and butterflies will also be recorded. Sampling methods include point counts, line transects and direct counts....

Licence #4058
Principal Investigator: Troubridge, Jim
Licensed Year(s): 1984
Summary: To collect arctic insects in general and Lepidoptera in particular....

Licence #2555
Principal Investigator: Parshall, David K.
Licensed Year(s): 1980
Summary: To study and collect various species of butterflies for subsequent classification, cataloguing, and preservation....

Licence #2498
Principal Investigator: Johnstone, John
Licensed Year(s): 1979
Summary: To conduct a study of the lepidoptera (butterfly) Colias. Specimens will be taken for comparison with southern species....

Licence #2420
Principal Investigator: Parshall, David K.
Licensed Year(s): 1979
Summary: To collect and study lepidoptera as part of a comparative study with species of Alaska and the Yukon....