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Paleoclimatological assessment of the central Northwest Territories: implications for the long-term viability of the Tibbitt to Contwoyto winter ice road
Principal Investigator: Patterson, R. Tim
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2011 2010
Summary: Through analysis of sediment/water interface samples, freeze cores, and dendrochronology the researchers intend to: i) develop a comprehensive climatic history along a 2° latitudinal gradient in the central NT, variously based on an analysis of freeze cores from lakes along the route of the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road (TCWR); ii) determine the relationship between modern lake catchments an...

Environmental Change in the Western Canadian Arctic Islands
Principal Investigator: England, John H
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Summary: This licence is being issued for the scientific research application No.1097. The aim is to understand and reconstruct the extent and dynamics of past glaciers, past climates and ongoing sea level change, including submergence, on Banks Island, through geological mapping and the dating of sea shells, sediment and boulders. The objective is to determine how the environment of Banks Island has ev...

Alaska-Canada Barren Lands Traverse
Principal Investigator: Sturm, Matthew
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: The objectives of the Alaska-Canada Barren Lands Traverse is to: learn about changes in the Arctic from historical observations, to observe commercial and infrastructure changes in relation to how they compare and contrast to the impacts of a warming Arctic climate, and to compile baseline measurements of snow cover physical properties for validation of satellite datasets and snow cover chemical p...

Flood History and Climate Change in the Slave River Delta: A Traditional Knowledge Study
Principal Investigator: Armitage, Derek
Licensed Year(s): 2005 2004
Summary: The Slave River Delta is one of a series of important delta ecosystems in the Mackenzie Basin. The adjacent community of Fort Resolution depends on its high biological productivity and diversity for both food and resources. Because of climate change, th...

Water Quality Assessment and Climate History of Selected Ponds and Streams on Melville Island
Principal Investigator: Douglas, Marianne
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2000 1999
Summary: The overall goal of the research is to more fully understand the present-day water quality of arctic lakes and ponds, and to attempt to determine if the water quality of these sites are changing as a result of, for example, recent climatic change or othe...

Palynology (Mackenzie Valley Global Change), study of the climatic change along the Mackenzie River and on the Arctic Islands.
Principal Investigator: Jette, Helene
Licensed Year(s): 1995 1993 1992
Summary: The researcher will sample a variety of lakes (some 50 lakes altogether) around Inuvik. A hole, approximately 8 inches in diameter, will be bored through the ice in each lake. Using an Ekman sampler, lake bottom sediments (mud) will be collected for analysis in the lab. The researchers will get to each of the lakes bt helicopter and spend approximately 15 to 20 minutes at each lake....

Study of bio-indicators of environmental change in arctic lakes
Principal Investigator: Smol, John P
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993 1992
Summary: The researchers plan to take samples of lake water and lake sediments from a variety of sites in the region. From these samples, information will be collected about the water chemistry, microscopic organisms present in the lakes, and changes in the region's past environmental and climatic conditions....

Postglacial Treeline Change in the Mackenzie-Selwyn Mountains
Principal Investigator: MacDonald, Glen M
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1990
Summary: The research party will continue to study past climatic variation and will continue to examine the relationship between climatic change and vegetation response. They will continue lake sediment coring and will collect tree increment cores....

Spatial Variation in the Isotopic Composition of the Snowpack, Mackenzie Delta Area
Principal Investigator: Burn, Chris R
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1992
Summary: The isotopic compostion of snow and ice is used to reconstruct past climates from records of ice-cores collected in Greenland and Antarctica. The ice cores are a few inches in diameter. Sampling in the Delta may reveal how regionally representative samples of snow are. This will enable the results of ice cores to be evaluated in a regional context....

Reconstruction of post-glacial vegetation and climate in the Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk area
Principal Investigator: Ritchie, J.C.
Licensed Year(s): 1988 1987
Summary: Dr. Ritchie is looking at live plants and the remains of plants at the bottom of lakes to see how plants and weather have changed since the glaciers left the Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk area 10,000 years ago....