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Tsiigehtchic Community-Based Emergency Care Program Evaluation
Principal Investigator: Ritchie, Stephen D
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: The purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate this course to determine how well it meets the needs of the community members who take the course as participants as well as to establish a baseline of community and individual efficacy. The research team have the following six evaluation questions: 1) How satisfied are the participants with the course? 2) How confident and willing are particip...

Social and political perceptions of environmental resources extraction projects in the Sahtu Settlement Area
Principal Investigator: Perombelon, Brice B.P
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: The principal researcher wishes to study the environmental impacts of resources extraction projects (present and future) on the community members. The hope is to do this through a survey of their perceptions of environmental problems caused by resources extraction projects (gas & oil) and see whether they think that these projects will create more problems of environmental degradation (for example...

Rural and Northern Community Response to Intimate Partner Violence
Principal Investigator: Hampton, Mary
Licensed Year(s): 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Summary: This study will: 1. Integrate several sources of data to create an action plan that maps the socio-spatial problem of intimate partner violence; 2. Create narratives describing community response in rural and northern areas of the Prairie Provinces and the NWT; and 3. Generate a grounded theory as a practical tool to create and sustain non-violent communities in these regions of Canada. The ...

Swimming Against the Mainstream: The NWT Aquatics Program 1967 - 2006 in Fort Simpson, NWT
Principal Investigator: Giles, Audrey R.
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Summary: Since its inception in 1967, the NWT Aquatics Program has brought aquatic leaders from southern Canada to Canada’s north to teach northern residents the importance of southern-based understandings of physical activity and water safety. In an effort to decrease high drowning rates, seasonal shallow water swimming pools were built inside NWT curling rinks and skating arenas, and waterfront areas wer...

An Ethnographic Sketch on How Diamond Mining Affects Life in Fort Smith, NWT.
Principal Investigator: Hauck, Ariana L
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Summary: The aim of this Master’s-level research project is to document local community members’ experiences in relation to diamond mining. The project will entail evaluating the perspectives of the residents of Fort Smith to understand the positive and negative effects of diamond mining on the lives of local people. Approximately twenty community members will be initially interviewed. Based on recomme...

Environmental Change, Risks, Management and Infrastructure in Olokhaktomiut (Holman)
Principal Investigator: Pearce, Tristan D
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005
Summary: The purpose of this project is to learn about the types of environmental changes Holman has faced in the past and how these changes have affected community infrastructure. The researcher seeks to describe community infrastructure and how it might be affected by environmental change. The researcher will identify who, or which agencies, will be expected to respond to risks affecting infrastructure a...

A Community-Based Participatory Action Research Video-Making Project to Celebrate and Promote Family Literacy in the Western Artic
Principal Investigator: Robinson, Suzanne M
Licensed Year(s): 2007 2006 2005 2004
Summary: This participatory action research project has three main parts: the making of a video about family literacy, getting community feedback on the video, and recording the steps of the video-making process. Data will be collected through personal reflective...

A Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of the 5034 project
Principal Investigator: Hornal, Robert
Licensed Year(s): 1997 1996
Summary: Continuation of study started in 1996. Data on current conditions will be collected through literature review of government reports, through telephone conversations with community leaders and administrators and, when possible, visits to the communities....

Community Action and Adult Education
Principal Investigator: Srivastava, Sarita
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher will interview individuals and groups within community groups in order to learn about their history and accomplishments as well as the obstacles they have faced....

Licence #1903
Principal Investigator: Valaskakis, Gail
Licensed Year(s): 1975
Summary: To observe any changes in the settlement related to either the completion of the new airstrip or the open water....