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Testing the Inertial Interchange Hypothesis, Shaler Subgroup, Victoria Island, Canada
Principal Investigator: Maloof, Adam
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Summary: The objective of this study is to find evidence of continental drift that may have occurred between 900 and 500 million years ago. Two researchers will originate from Resolute or Cambridge Bay and will be dropped off by helicopter or twin otter aircraft....

Telesiesmic Studies in the Lac de Gras Area
Principal Investigator: Snyder, David B
Licensed Year(s): 2007 2003 2000 1999
Summary: The purpose of this study is to investigate the structure and composition of the Earth's crust and upper portion of the earth's crust and upper mantle to depths greater than 200km from sites in the Lac de Gras area. Seismometers will be deployed within two existent mine camps for at least one year. These sensors will record distant earthquakes. Well established technology will be used and once dep...

Seismic and electromagnetic studies of the earth's crust: Great Slave Lake to Nahanni Butte
Principal Investigator: Eaton, David
Licensed Year(s): 1999 1996
Summary: Since the region of investigation (down to a depth of 50 km or more) is inaccessible, geophysical techniques will be used. One technique will be seismic reflection profiling, a method adapted from the oil industry. Large vehicles are use to generate seismic waves, which travel downwards and reflect off boundaries. These echoes are recorded by surface instruments, and the data are processed to p...