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Impacts from climate change on berry productivity in the Canadian Arctic: Integrating community participation with science
Principal Investigator: Henry, Greg H R
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2012
Summary: The main objective of the Berry Project is to establish a long-term community-based monitoring program in arctic communities using culturally important berry species as indicators of climate change. The project’s main objectives for the Daring Lake Tundra Science Camp are to bring awareness to the effects of climate change and to expand environmental stewardship. These goals can be achieved by del...

Preliminary Planning for Arctic Field Course
Principal Investigator: Jackson, Mame
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: We plan to speak with hamlet leaders and others about the possibility of working together to organize a university-level course for about 20 students on Inuit culture and art which might be held in Igloolik at a mutually-agreeable time in the next year or two. The course would be jointly sponsored by Carleton University and DePaul University....

Should there be Inuit Studies programs offered at Arctic College, Nunatta Campus, Iqaluit?
Principal Investigator: Smith, Deanna
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: The researcher plans to examine the types of programs that are offered to Inuit through the Nunatta Campus of Arctic College. She will interview both staff and students of Nunatta Campus in order to explore the idea of an Inuit Studies program. This research will benefit Arctic College by identifying areas of interest and development in the delivery of northern post-secondary education....

University field course on the arctic environment
Principal Investigator: Howarth, Phil
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: The three professors from the University of Waterloo will lecture the students on the subjects of ecology, geology and climate and conduct field trips in the vicinity of Igloolik and Iqaluit. The students will select topics to study while in Igloolik: their studies will be assessed and assigned a grade....

A Pre-university Program for Inuit Students
Principal Investigator: Twerdin, Leena Evic
Licensed Year(s): 1989 1988
Summary: Ms. Twerdin will be contacting Inuit students who have been to university in the south and may or may not have completed their studies. She will be conducting interviews with the students and other people who may have suggestions for a pre-university course and its content....

Licence #5128
Principal Investigator: Abele, Frances
Licensed Year(s): 1985
Summary: To carry out research on Transport Canada's Native Fligh Service Station Operators Training Program, and to study factors that contribute to success or failure of that program....

Licence #5111
Principal Investigator: Cram, Jack
Licensed Year(s): 1985
Summary: To do a subjective survey of students and graduates of the Eastern Arctic Teacher Education Program to discover their evaluation and recommendations of the program....

Licence #2795
Principal Investigator: DeLancey, Scott
Licensed Year(s): 1982
Summary: To conduct linguistic research on the Dene language dealing with the semantics of various elements of the verb complex in Dene and offering advice or assistance to the Band Council in setting up Dene language programs for local children....