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Landscape Change on Banks Island.
Principal Investigator: Lantz, Trevor C.
Licensed Year(s): 2016 2015
Summary: The objectives of this research project are: 1) To use remote sensing to document the rate and extent of landscape change on Banks Island; 2) To examine the effects of tundra disturbances using detailed field investigations; and 3) Use participatory mapping and interviews to document Inuvialuit Knowledge of Landscape Change on Banks Island. In this project the research team are using remot...

Timing and genesis of the Eagle meltwater channel in northern Yukon: Implications for the northwestern Laurentide margin
Principal Investigator: Kennedy, Kristen
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: The objective of this study is to observe and document sediments exposed along the upper Rat River, and collect samples of sediments for potential radiocarbon dating. Researchers will fly into area via helicopter from Old Crow. Where possible (large river bars or wide banks), helicopter will land adjacent to river escarpments for up to 2 hours. Researchers will climb up banks to observe sedimen...

Ecological and Geomorphological investigations in the alpine tundra of the Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T.
Principal Investigator: Kershaw, G. Peter
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993
Summary: The main objectives of this study are to: 1. determine the status of permafrost land forms in the study area, and 2. determine the long-term recovery after abandonment of the CANOL No.1 project. Access during the summer is via the Yukon along the Canol Road through Macmillan Pass. Base camp is owned by Old Squaw Lodge at Camp 222. Beyond the base camp mountain bikes and foot will be the means ...

Sustainable Forestry in the Gwich'in Settlement Area
Principal Investigator: Anderson, David G
Licensed Year(s): 2000 1999 1998
Summary: The aim of this project is to develop a forest management plan which is sensitive to the priorities identified by Gwich'in Elders and contemporary Gwich'in forest users. The research will involve a mixture of community and archival research, as well as workshops with elders, contemporary forest users and researchers representing the various foci will come together to use the information to derive ...

Structure and Stratifigraphy of the Indin Lake Greenstone Belt (detailed bedrock mapping)
Principal Investigator: Pehrsson, Sally J
Licensed Year(s): 1996 1995 1994
Summary: This will be the final summer of work for this phase of mapping in Indin Lake. The mapping data (including structural, petrological, geochemical &geochronological) will enable a detailed geological history of the project area to be constructed. This will include timing of major events, including volcanism, plutonism and sedimentation, and subsequent deformation. The results will be presented in...

Northern telecommunications, and, Nineteenth century history of Igloolik
Principal Investigator: Bravo, Michael
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1988
Summary: Michael Bravo will conduct several projects during his stay in Igloolik. He will be interviewing residents to find out if and how northern methods of communication can be improved. He also wants to compare descriptions of the Igloolik landscape that were written 160 years ago to today by tracing some of the journeys made by an early explorer. He is also willing to give talks on how science and ...

Quaternary History of Nansen Sound
Principal Investigator: Bednarski, Jan
Licensed Year(s): 1990 1988 1987
Summary: Dr. Bednarski will be collecting rock samples and mapping the locations of various landforms that were made by glaciers. He will also be looking at raised beaches, all in an effort to understand how the landscape was formed....

Late Pleistocene Lake Mackenzie, NWT
Principal Investigator: Smith, Derald
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Summary: Dr. Smith and his two students are trying to find out the extent of a glacial lake that once stretched from the Redstone River to Fort Good Hope. They are collecting samples of ancient, buried plant material from river cutbanks to see how old these deposits are and to determine what kinds of plants once grew along the western shores of the lake long ago....