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Using Remote Sensing to Support Cumulative Impact Monitoring of Water Resources in the Northwest Territories.
Principal Investigator: Tsui, Olivier
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Summary: The objective of the winter field survey is to determine and record lakes where ice has frozen to the bottom and areas where floating ice is present. Along with obtaining this information, snow depth, ice thickness, ice type, photos, and local weather conditions will be recorded. The objective of the summer field work is to observe broad wetland types and the extent and presence of submerged aquat...

RADARSAT Observations of River Ice and Flood Patterns in the Mackenzie River Delta
Principal Investigator: van der Sanden, Josephus J
Licensed Year(s): 2017 2012 2010 2009
Summary: To investigate the potential of Canada’s RADARSAT satellites as a tool for the collection of information on (change in) river ice conditions and, during spring breakup, flood conditions in the Mackenzie River Delta. Canada’s RADARSAT satellites have been tasked to acquire images over the Mackenzie Delta since October 2008 to present. Regular data acquisitions will continue into 2010. To facili...

Massive Ice Study in Granular Deposits
Principal Investigator: Pollard, Wayne H
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005 2004 2003
Summary: Sand, gravel and crushed stone are valuable geological resources, collectively known as aggregates. They are essential bed, foundation and building materials. The presence of massive ice in aggregate deposits results in a series of resource management problems, particularly for the oil industry and its contractors who rely on local granular deposits as building material. From an environmental pers...

Taltson River Hydro Power Supply to Snap Lake Diamond Mine Environmental Baseline Studies
Principal Investigator: Sharpe, Seßn
Licensed Year(s): 2003
Summary: This work will assess the possible effects of expanding the Taltson hydroelectric generation facilities to supply power to the Snap Lake Diamond Mine. The existing facilities are on the Taltson River at Twin Gorges, located approximately 60 km NE of Fort...

The origin of deformed massive ice, Pleistocene Mackenzie Delta, Western Canadian Arctic
Principal Investigator: Murton, Julian B
Licensed Year(s): 1999 1998
Summary: The main objective of the proposed research is to establish the origin of massive bodies of underground ice at three key massive-ice localities in the Mackenzie Delta area: i) Mason Bay area, NE Richards Island; (ii) the central Eskimo Lakes region and (iii) the Liverpool Bay area. The research will be carried out by an interdisciplinary team of scientists examining the geology, glaciology and c...

Dynamics and hydrology of a high arctic glacier: John Evans Glacier, Ellesmere Island
Principal Investigator: Sharp, Martin
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: Measurements of the glacier's surface will be taken using ground surveys and radio echo sounding. In addition, data will be collected on the amounts of snow accumulation and meltwater run-off as well as the chemistry of the snow, water and ice. This information will provide us with a better understanding of glaciers in terms of their growth/shrinkage, contribution of water to the local environme...

The Historical Record of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Trace Metals in Glacial Snow and Ice
Principal Investigator: Gregor, Dennis J.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993
Summary: Ice caps have been used to measure changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere over long periods of time. The studies have addressed climate change, levels of pollutants resulting from human activities, and levels of materials put into the atmosphere by natural processes (e.g., volcano eruptions). This on-going study has been examining the levels of contaminants in ice caps since 1986 by collecti...

Spatial variation in the isotopic composition of snowpack in the Mackenzie Delta area
Principal Investigator: Burn, Chris R
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1992
Summary: This on-going research involves the assessment of isotopes in snowpack each winter. Collection of snow and ice at various sites along winter roads in the N.W.T. provides information about the composition of isotopes within a region. Isotopic composition of snow and ice taken from ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica have been able to provide information about past climates....

Beaufort Sea Coastal Zone Processes
Principal Investigator: Solomon, Steven M
Licensed Year(s): 2000 1999 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992
Summary: As part of the Northern Oil and Gas Program (NOGAP), the Geological Survey of Canada will investigate shallow sediment types, sediment content in ice and under-ice water currents in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. This will be done by sampling and surveying using hand-held equipment and current meters (placed under the ice). This study will help to determine the role of ice in transporting sediments ...

Spray Ice-Rubble Research Project
Principal Investigator: Weaver, Jeff
Licensed Year(s): 1991
Summary: The research team will spray a small area of grounded rubble with sea water and measure the sliding resistance of the rubble. They will measure ice loads on the rubble, the horizontal movement of the landfast ice sheet and the rubble field....