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Secular Change in the Glacier Cover Contributing Flow to a World Heritage River - Ragged Ranges, South Nahanni River
Principal Investigator: Demuth, Michael N
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: The objectives of this research are to document the glaciers in the Ragged Range, how they have changed in the past and what their role is presently in providing meltwater for the upper reaches of the South Nahanni River and the Flat River. Glaciers nourish streams and groundwater when other sources are absent or in decline (e.g., snowmelt, precipitation). They are most important late in the...

Processes and Sediments in Retreating Tidewater Glaciers, Southern Baffin Island
Principal Investigator: Retelle, Michael J.
Licensed Year(s): 1992
Summary: This study will investigate how glaciers retreat in marine waters through the analysis of the sedimentary record in front of modern tidewater glaciers. The research will determine the critical factors such as valley morphology, water depth, climatic and glaciological conditions that have influenced the retreat of the marine margin of the Grinnell Glacier since its last advance during the Litte Ice...

Geophysical Mapping of Buried Massive Ground Ice, Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, NWT
Principal Investigator: Robinson, Stephen
Licensed Year(s): 1992
Summary: Massive ice is found in exposure in some sections of the Fosheim Peninsula. The exact origin, distribution and characteristics of these ice bodies are largely unknown. Geophysical surveys will be conducted and ice and sediment samples will be taken and analyzed....

Northern River Ice Regimes
Principal Investigator: Sherstone, David A.
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1992 1991 1990 1988
Summary: Simple, inexpensive ice thickness gauges are installed on river channel ice. Usually 3-4 gauges per channel. Twenty gauges are installed in the Mackenzie Delta and 12 in Hay River. Every 10 days the gauges are read to obtain the total ice,white ice and snow quantities at each site. From this data the rates of ice growth and decay can be calculated and the approximate date at which the ice will...

Quaternary Geology of Hudson Strait
Principal Investigator: MacLean, Brian
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1990
Summary: The Researcher and his team will be travelling through Hudson Strait by research ship to take samples of the deposits and sediments in the Strait. They will be investigating the history and conditions of the area based on the sediments record in order to detail the late glacial and post glacial conditions of the Strait....