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Lake Bathymetry Survey for the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway, 2013
Principal Investigator: Krizan, Julia
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2012
Summary: The objective of the survey is to gather lake bathymetry data in support of estimating water volumes required for regulatory approval for winter water extraction. This work will be completed following the commitments of the Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Town of Inuvik, and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), as found in the Environmental Impact Statement for Construction of the Inuvik to ...

Sable and Two Rock Lake Fish-Out
Principal Investigator: Chubb, Derek
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001
Summary: This project is to meet the requirements of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Sable and Two Rock Lakes will be lost through the course of mining activities and the scientific collection of data related to the fish population prior to their removal...

2002 Beartooth Lake Fish-Out Program
Principal Investigator: Chubb, Derek
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: The objective of the study is to remove all fish from Beartooth Lake prior to dewatering and in a manner which respects community concerns raised in previous public stakeholders meetings. The study will 1) quantify fish production, fish habitat, and prod...