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Tulít’a Histories, Relationships with Land and Resource Extraction in the Mackenzie Valley
Principal Investigator: Moffitt, Morgan E
Licensed Year(s): 2015
Summary: The objective of this research project is to describe and document local people’s experiences and perspectives of oil and gas development in the context of past and present industry activity and traditional knowledge. This research seeks to understand and demonstrate the complexity of Tulít’a peoples relationships with the land and with industry. What are the experiences of local people, how does ...

Transition era history of Apex-Iqaluit, NWT: 1942 to 1963
Principal Investigator: Longworth, Bob
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: During the period between 1942 and 1963, Inuit in the southern portion of Baffin Island when through a major transition from living off the land in the traditional way to living in permanent settlements. The researchers will collect information about this period of development in the history of Apex and Iqaluit by gathering information from printed materials as well as interviews with long-term r...

Monitoring dolly varden charr taken in domestic fishery by residents of Aklavik, NWT
Principal Investigator: Harwood, Lois
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: In 1992, most charr fishing by Aklavik residents took place at Shingle Point and the town site in Aklavik (similar to fishing during the 1987-1991 closure). In this first year of the monitoring program, information will be collected on the total number of charr caught, harvest locations and characteristics of tagged fish....

The Broad Whitefish Traditional Ecological Knowledge Study.
Principal Investigator: Freeman, Milton M.R.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993 1992
Summary: Under the direction of the Aklavik and Inuvik HTA's, the research team will carry out interviews with Inuvialuit that are knowledgable about the broad whitefish and its fishery in the local waters. Data to be obtained include information on the traditional fishery, changes to this fishery, knowledge about the breeding and feeding habits, migrations, parasites and diseases, and effects of local en...

Comparative Study of Oral and Written History of Igloolik, NWT
Principal Investigator: Bravo, Michael
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1988
Summary: The researcher will construct a framework for presenting Inuit history in written form without losing the unique qualities of the spoken form. He will investigate concepts of authority and credibility to see how they differ from those of written history. As well, he will discuss historical conclusions based on research completed in 1988 to check the facts and clarify interpretations....

Tokyo Sea Life Park Collection, 1992
Principal Investigator: Nakayama, Tsunesuke
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1991
Summary: The researcher and his team will collect arctic marine life such as fishes, invertebrates and sea algaes in order to contribute to the conservation of marine environments, and deepen understanding of arctic marine life. Tokyo Sea Life Park has started research on breeding behavior and early life history of arctic marine animals, as well as exhibits in the Tokyo Sea Life Park of arctic marine anim...

Igloolik Oral History Project
Principal Investigator: Qulaut, George
Licensed Year(s): 1991
Summary: In-depth audiotaped interviews are conducted with selected Iglulingmiut elders on a wide range of topics including: life-histories, wildlife biology, hunting techniques, sewing methods, skin reparation, diet, education, philosophy, astronomy, climatology, treatment of illness and folk-lore. The tapes are transcribed, translated, word-processed and edited....

Energy Composition of and Summer Habitat Utilization by Babbage River Dolly Varden
Principal Investigator: Sandstrom, Steve
Licensed Year(s): 1991
Summary: The Researcher will continue to study the energy composition of and summer habitat utilization by Babbage River Dolly Varden. Fish will be collected by a number of methods, measured, tagged and released. A sub-sample will be dead sampled for sex, maturity and ageing structures as well as a number of dead samples will be frozen on site and transported to Winnipeg for analysis....

A Socio-Economic Analysis of a Modern Dene Community
Principal Investigator: Kritsch, Ingrid D.
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher will live in the community of Trout Lake for 14 months. During that time, she will write a general ethnography of the Trout Lake people with a particular emphasis on the economy and the social networks within the community....

History of the Ahiarmuit people of southern Keewatin from 1850-1960
Principal Investigator: Csonka, Yvon
Licensed Year(s): 1989 1988
Summary: Yvon Csonka will continue the work begun in 1988 by documenting the history of the Ahiarmuit people of southern Keewatin through interviews with residents of Eskimo Point and Whale Cove. Library and archival material will be utilized at the Inuit Cultural Instiute as well....