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Geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic Granular Iron Formations (East Arm of Great Slave Lake)
Principal Investigator: Pecoits, Ernesto
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: By means of geochemical data on banded iron formation (BIF), and associated volcanic and sedimentary rocks the main objectives of this study are: (1) to delineate the source (continental, hydrothermal) of silica and iron in BIF, (2) to make inferences about the seawater from which these rocks are deposited in, and (3) to evaluate the implications for early life on Earth. This study wil...

CaHiGeo Caribou Hills Geological History
Principal Investigator: LABROUSSE, Loic
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: The objectives of the CaHiGeo project are to sample paleogene rocks for sedimentological and stratigraphical analysis and dating; to sample the underlying rocks for correlation with equivalent formations in Northern Yukon and dating; and to measure the possible deformation of the paleogene rocks at the inferred location of sealed faults (Eskimo Lake Fault Zone). The methods used in the field fo...

Heavy mineral indicator tracing in glaciated terrains
Principal Investigator: Kjarsgaard, Bruce
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2011
Summary: The objective of this study is to improve understanding of transportation and deposition of heavy minerals in surficial materials (till and esker systems). The study area is approximately 60 x 100 km, is located east of Thaydene Nene National Park, and adjacent to the Quaternary ice divide. Work on the ground, over a 2 week period, will involve sample collection of surficial materials in order...

Petrogenesis of the Blachford Lake Intrusive Suite
Principal Investigator: Mumford, Thomas R.
Licensed Year(s): 2011 2010
Summary: With increasing activity at the Nechalacho Rare Earth Element Deposit a better geological understanding of the setting of the mineral deposit is required. This study is fundamentally concerned with how and why the deposit exists. This is achieved by studying the entire Blachford Lake intrusive suite (>300 km2), the igneous system which generated the deposit. From this, a petrogenetic framework wil...

Geology of the Redstone Copperbelt
Principal Investigator: Milton, Jack E
Licensed Year(s): 2011 2010
Summary: The objective of this research project is to further the knowledge of the geology of the Redstone Copperbelt - an area of copper deposits within the Mackenzie Mountains. This will lead to a clearer understanding of the science behind the formation of copper deposits. This information can be utilized by environmental and exploration companies to provide baseline data on the distribution of copper ...

Southern Bear Province Geological Mapping Project
Principal Investigator: Jackson, Valerie A
Licensed Year(s): 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Summary: The Southern Bear project area is in the Bear Structural Province of the Northwest Territories, centred approximately 240 km north-northwest of Yellowknife. Geological data on the area is sparse and limited to 1:250 000 regional mapping by the Geologica...

Carbonate-Hosted Lead-Zinc (Mississippi Valley Type) Occurrences in Northern Alberta and Southern Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Turner, William
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001
Summary: A two-year collaborative study (2001-2002) between the Geological Survey of Canada - Calgary and CS Lord Northern Geoscience Centre in the southern NWT is commencing its second year. The purpose of the project is to develop a stronger understanding of an...

Resource Assessment of Emerald in the Northern Cordillera: parts of NTS 1051
Principal Investigator: Falck, Hendrik
Licensed Year(s): 2003 2002
Summary: The purpose of this project is to develop exploration guidelines for emeralds in the NWT. We propose to spend July 2002 in the Lened area, where we will produce detailed geological maps and collect samples for laboratory analysis (whole-rock chemistry, e...

Izok Project Environmental Baseline Studies
Principal Investigator: Hubert, Ben
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: The purposes of these studies are to update the environmental baseline data set for the Izok Project in preparation for submitting a project proposal for developing the orebody at Izok Lake. This study focuses on a mineral deposit in Nunavut. The project...

Structural Geology and Timing of Gold Mineralization in the Giant and Con Gold Deposits, Yellowknife, Canada
Principal Investigator: Siddorn, James
Licensed Year(s): 2001
Summary: All research to be conducted, either underground or on the surface, will be carried out at the Giant and Con mine sites in Yellowknife. Data on the origination of structural features (faults, foliations, folds, ect.) will be measured with a compass clinometer. Samples (< 10cm in diameter) will be taken of certain rock types which display interesting small scale structures....