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Where Do We Keep Our Past? Working Towards an Indigenous Museum and Preserving Nunavut's Archaeological Heritage
Principal Investigator: Zawadski, Krista
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Summary: The Principal Investigator (PI) will ask the staff questions regarding community involvement in the museum, about the structure of the institution, as well as questions regarding indigenous involvement in the museum. Anthropological methodology will be utilized to collect data. Visits to museums and heritage centre’s will be conducted to examine the museum model that is being used at each site,...

Revisiting the "Scottish Project"- Tlicho and Museum exhibition.
Principal Investigator: Wrightson, Kelsey R
Licensed Year(s): 2013
Summary: The objectives of this research project are to: 1) gain a general understanding of the exhibitions; how the relationship was established, the final exhibition layout, composition and content at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (PWNHC) in Yellowknife; 2) learn about the roles of specific individuals and their experiences with the museum in Scotland; 3) better understand community and c...

Pitquhiraluavut Puiglimiatavut (We will not forget our ways): Bringing home photographs of the Inuinnait Collection at the British Museum
Principal Investigator: Balanoff, Helen
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2007 2007
Summary: Through a partnership of Inuinnait communities and the British Museum, this project aims to repatriate traditional knowledge (language, literacies, narratives, values and beliefs) through viewing and visiting “things that talk” (historical photographs and objects) currently in the British Museum in London, England. This project involves visual repatriation of traditional knowledge through histo...

National Museum of the American Indian Cardinal Direction Markers Project
Principal Investigator: Pepper Henry, James
Licensed Year(s): 2003
Summary: The goal of this project is to collect a sample of the Acasta Gneiss from the Slave Craton to be used to represent the peoples and indigenous communities of Canada on the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian in...

Northern People - Northern Knowledge; the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918
Principal Investigator: Gray, David
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: The researcher is collecting information on the Canadian Arcitc Expedition (CAE) of 1913-1918 commanded by Vihjalmur Stefansson in preperation for an on-line (Internet) exhibit for the Virtual Museum of Canada. The objectives of this research are: 1) to...

Waterfowl and Shorebird Nesting Habitat Study in the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Roney, Keith
Licensed Year(s): 1995 1991
Summary: The researchers will conduct an aerial survey of the Mackenzie Delta area to note the nesting habitats of waterfowl and shorebirds. Photographs (slides and video) will be taken as well as notes and sketches that will be applied to the design and planning of the exhibit for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. A small plant collection (2-3 specimens of the most common plant species) will be obtained th...

Silurian and Devonian Faunas - Arctic Canada.
Principal Investigator: Johnston, Paul A.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1991
Summary: The research team will search parts of Cornwallis and Ellesmere Islands for fossils of ancient sea and land creatures that lived more than 400 million years ago. Of special interest are remains of eurypterids (sea scorpions), giant armoured fishes, jawless fishes, molluscs and early land animals. The fossils will be used for new exhibits and educational programs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum and t...

Native clothing of the North American Arctic: Igloolik clothing
Principal Investigator: King, Jonathan
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: The researcher will conduct interviews with Igloolik people about the significance of traditional clothing to the Inuit. Information will also be collected about the use of contemporary versus traditional clothing, and how traditional skills and ideas have been transferred to the tailoring of clothes using contemporary materials. Information will be used to assist in developing an exhibition whi...

The Museum Message: Its Construction and Presentation.
Principal Investigator: Park, Linda K.
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1992
Summary: Public museums with anthropological mandates are increasingly being accused of racism, sexism, cultural elitism, and failing to represent wider community interests. Groups such as First Nation peoples are expressing their displeasure with the way in which museums are managing their cultural heritage, and they are calling for a new relationship between themselves and museums. This research will t...

Research for the New Permanent Exhibit Gallery on the Arctic at the Canadian Museum of Nature
Principal Investigator: Thiessen, Carol
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1991
Summary: The researcher and her team will be documenting various Arctic environments that may be displayed in some way in the Gallery. This will involve photographing, video-recording, writing about and visiting various environments. In addition, they will be consulting with Inuit on the proposed content of the exhibit through a hamlet meeting at Resolute and other informal discussions to help them deter...