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Current contaminant deposition measurements in precipitation throughout the NWT
Principal Investigator: Gregor, Dennis J.
Licensed Year(s): 1993
Summary: Contaminants are carried in the air to the arctic during the winter when large-scale wind movements bring these contaminants from industrialized locations in North America, Europe and Asia to the north. Snow can collect these compounds from the air and bring them to the ground where they can accumulate. Thus, it is important to study the amount of contaminants in snow to determine the types and ...

The Historical Record of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Trace Metals in Glacial Snow and Ice
Principal Investigator: Gregor, Dennis J.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993
Summary: Ice caps have been used to measure changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere over long periods of time. The studies have addressed climate change, levels of pollutants resulting from human activities, and levels of materials put into the atmosphere by natural processes (e.g., volcano eruptions). This on-going study has been examining the levels of contaminants in ice caps since 1986 by collecti...

Trace Organic Contaminants in Arctic Snow and Aquatic Ecosystems
Principal Investigator: Gregor, Dennis J.
Licensed Year(s): 1992 1991 1991 1990
Summary: Snow samples will be collected from approximately 30 sites across the NWT and Yukon in the spring of the year. This annual snow pack sample will allow an estimate of the quantity of organic contaminants that have been deposited over the winter season. To better understand the fate of these contaminants in the High Arctic, the researchers will undertake an intensive small basin study on Cornwallis ...