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Northern Native Seed Development Field Trials
Principal Investigator: Trimble, Annika EV
Licensed Year(s): 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2007 2006
Summary: The objective of this sub-project is to continue assessing the performance of native plants which were seeded and transplanted into field plots in 2006 and 2007. The research team intend to collect data regarding winter survival, seedling emergence, and overall plant vigor and productivity in order to assess each species' and collection's suitability for use in land reclamation in the NWT. The ...

Nutrient Availability in Arctic Tundra Soils
Principal Investigator: English, Michael C
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: This licence is issued for the scientific research application # 876. The objective of this research is to determine the impacts of predicted soil warming scenarios for the arctic on the availability of phosphate, nitrate-nitrogen and ammonium, which are important soil nutrients. The field portion of this research will consist of two weeks of collecting soil data and gauging and sampling (f...

Gwich'in Ethnobotany Project
Principal Investigator: Fehr, Alan
Licensed Year(s): 1997
Summary: Elders, students and researchers will work together to document the food value and medicinal use of plants. Each month, elders from each community (Aklavik, Fort McPherson, Inuvik and Tsiigehtchic) will spend two days collecting and preserving plants. The students and researchers will assist them, plus photograph the plants and record Elder's comments about each plant. After each field trip the...

NWT Diamonds Project - Revegetation Research
Principal Investigator: Witteman, John
Licensed Year(s): 1996 1995
Summary: As part of overall reclamation goals of BHP, the 1996 season will focus on three components. Vegetation response will be assessed in August using the point-frame method. Within the legume, indigenous seed and shrub cutting plots, plant density will be recorded. Soil samples in replicates of three will be collected from each treatment to analyze physical and chemical characteristics. Secondly, ...

Ecological Studies Along the Gradient From Subarctic Forest to Tundra
Principal Investigator: Henry, Greg H R
Licensed Year(s): 1995 1994 1993 1991
Summary: The researchers want to determine the age of the isolated "tree islands" and how they manage to grow so far from the treeline. Researchers look for old stems for carbon dating, and map the position of each stem. The age and growth rates of the trees are determined by counting and measuring tree-rings. This year plant communities found on south-facing slopes down the Anderson River will be studied....

A Comparison of the Breeding Biology of Two Species of Arctic Willow
Principal Investigator: Hermanutz, Luise
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The researcher will investigate the factors that govern the growth and reproduction of 2 types of willow on Baffin Island. She will compare the numbers of seeds each species produces and attempt to determine how successful male clones are in producing offspring....

Spatial Dynamics of the distribution of the gunus Dryas in the Canadian arctic and subarctic zones
Principal Investigator: Roy, Alain P.
Licensed Year(s): 1990 1989
Summary: Mr. Roy will carry out field work at two different sites, specifically, Macmillan Pass and Tungsten. At each site he will examine two main items, the vegetation and the soil Dryas specimens will be collected, he will examine the other plants of the community and a small soil sample approximately 200 grams will be taken....

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Vegetation on Raised Beaches, Devon Island
Principal Investigator: Pearce, Cheryl M.
Licensed Year(s): 1988 1987
Summary: Dr. Pearce and her associate are returning to Truelove Lowland to evaluate an idea that plant associations growing on raised beaches of different ages are a result of the type of soil and water conditions they are growing on rather than the amount of time that they have had to live there....

Eco-physiology of Several Pan-Arctic Plant Species
Principal Investigator: Henry, Gregory H.R.
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Summary: Some Arctic plants are found in almost every type of habitat, from wet meadows to dry gravel areas. Dr. Henry, Dr. Zilder and several students are looking at these plants to see how that is possible....

Systematic studies of the lichen genus "Ionaspis" in North America
Principal Investigator: Brodo, Irwin
Licensed Year(s): 1988
Summary: Dr. Brodo and two students (Mr. Lutzoni and Mr. Proulx) will be collecting and identifying lichens from different parts of the NWT. If there are differences, they want to know why....