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Licence #2426
Principal Investigator: Svoboda, Josef
Licensed Year(s): 1979
Summary: (1) A radiocesium study. (2) A study of how tundra plant communities have adapted and evolved, their distribution, abundance and productivity....

Licence #2116
Principal Investigator: Thomas, Don
Licensed Year(s): 1977
Summary: To collect data on late winter habitats and diets of carioub on the Boothia Peninsula for pipeline assessments; to determine how long productivity rates can remain at low levels on Melville and Prince Patrick Islands; to examine growth indices of arctic willow and their relationship to past productivity of caribou; to make management of insular and near insular populations of caribou easier and mo...

Licence #2112
Principal Investigator: Miller, Sam
Licensed Year(s): 1977
Summary: Continuation of a 5-year program initiated in 1973 with objectives of: determining the general abundance and seasonal distribution of grizzly bears in the study area; determining structure, population density, productivity and survival of grizzlies within the study area; recommending a management program for grizzly bears in zones 12 and 19....