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A critical review of the Northwest Territories Protected Areas Strategy Program.
Principal Investigator: Holder, Joel M
Licensed Year(s): 2015
Summary: The objectives of this research inquiry will be to examine what success the Protected Areas Strategy (PAS) program has had in achieving its two main goals, identify any problem areas in implementation and recommend program modifications to improve the effectiveness of establishing new protected areas. The hope is that this research provides important feedback to land use planners responsible for e...

Environmental Change and Shipping Development in the Beaufort Sea
Principal Investigator: Beveridge, Leah F
Licensed Year(s): 2014
Summary: A trip will be made to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories to conduct meetings and semi-structured interviews with representatives in the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), the Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC), the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, and regional offices of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Departments of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE);...

Ecological Assessment Field Work for Lue Túé Sulái (the Five Fish Lakes) Candidate Cultural Conservation Area
Principal Investigator: Haas, Claudia A
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2011
Summary: This project is to fill gaps in ecological information on a Candidate Protected Area while it makes its way through the NWT Protected Areas Strategy (PAS) process. This information will be used by the working group to make recommendations on final boundary and management planning for the area. The study will be done at the same time as a study on mercury in fish being conducted by the Dehcho F...

Community Engagement in Marine Protected Area (MPA) Planning in the Arctic: Towards an Arctic Network of MPAs
Principal Investigator: Haider, Wolfgang
Licensed Year(s): 2009
Summary: This licence is being issued for the scientific research application no. 922. The objectives of the research are to describe, evaluate and compare two current MPA projects in the Western and Eastern Canadian Arctic. The research will help communities learn from each other, as well as provide government agencies with suggestions for how to make improvements to MPA processes, based on the experie...

Edaiila Traditional Ecological Knowledge Study
Principal Investigator: Nesbitt, Lorien
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: The objectives of this project are: (1)To collect traditional ecological knowledge of Edaiila with the elders of Déline; (2)To present this knowledge as a description of the current and historical ecology of Edaiila and as a rationale, from the Déline elders' perspective, for the protection of Edaiila under the NWT Protected Areas Strategy or, alternatively, under the Sahtu Land Use Plan. Charl...

Sahtu Karst Study
Principal Investigator: Skelton, Jennifer
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: The Northwest Territories contains numerous unique landforms known as karst topography. The objective of this study is to know the locations and characteristics of karst sites in the Sahtu, providing information for environmental assessment of future developments and for land-use planning. Karst topography is an unique landform; the environmental impacts on the land and water of various land uses...

Nahanni National Park Reserve Expansion: Finding an Equitable Solution
Principal Investigator: Carey, Paul E
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: The objective of this research is to analyze the merits of a hypothetical amendment to Canada's National Parks Act which would permit metal mining within National Park boundaries. The primary purpose of this research is to determine whether the theoretical amendment provides an equitable solution to the proposed Nahanni National Park Reserve expansion. The researcher will fly from Kingston, Ont...

Landscapes of Power: Native Peoples, National Parks, and the Making of a Modern Wilderness in Northern Canada and Alaska, 1940-2000
Principal Investigator: Martin, Brad
Licensed Year(s): 2007 2004
Summary: The main objective of this historical research project is to examine how and why relations between indigenous groups and national park administrators in northern Canada and Alaska changed in the second half of the twentieth century. A secondary objective is to write a general history of national park establishment and management in these regions. The researcher will travel to and from the resea...

Shell Canada Limited Summer 2006 Historic Well Site Investigations
Principal Investigator: Warren, Randall
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Summary: The purpose of the proposed study is to examine twenty-two historic well sites within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, eight of which are located within the Kendall Island Bird Sanctuary. Investigations on six of the twenty-two sites will comprise geophysical surveys, and collection of benthic invertebrates, soil sediment, surface water samples, soil invertebrates and arthropods and plant tissue....

Documenting the Cultural Values of Ts'ude'hliline-Tuyetah
Principal Investigator: Geirholm, Sara M
Licensed Year(s): 2006
Summary: Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Community of Fort Good Hope have been working together for the past five years to achieve protected area status for Ts'ude'hliline-Tuyetah, a 14,907 km² area bordered on the east by the Mackenzie River and on the west by the Gwich’in Settlement Area boundary. This area was first identified in the Sahtu Land Use Planning process and by the Sahtu Heritage Places and Si...