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Taxonomy and Paleoecology of Upper Devonian Brachiopods in the Hay River Area
Principal Investigator: Stanton, Linda
Licensed Year(s): 1990
Summary: The Researcher and her assistant will identify and analyse fossil shells from the rocks that occur along the Hay River....

To study the glacial history of Phillips Inlet, N.W. Ellesmere Island, NWT
Principal Investigator: Evans, David J.A.
Licensed Year(s): 1987
Summary: This is a continuation of work begun in 1985 and 1986: to map the surficial geology and geomorphology in the area of Phillips Inlet and the Wootton Peninsula, N.W. Ellesmere Island; as well as to collect samples of shells from stratigraphic sections and driftwood from raised beaches for C14 dating....

Licence #2658
Principal Investigator: Miller, Gifford H.
Licensed Year(s): 1981
Summary: To document the glacial history of the area paying particular attention to past changes in relative sea level. Samples of fossilized mollusc shells will be collected for dating purposes....

Licence #2653
Principal Investigator: Stravers, Jay A.
Licensed Year(s): 1981
Summary: To map the distribution of glacial features in the fiord area. Marine shells will be collected for Carbon 14 or Amino acid dating techniques....

Licence #2288
Principal Investigator: Osterman, Lisa E.
Licensed Year(s): 1978
Summary: To measure the elevation of marine deposits, examine the stratigraphy of deltas and glacial deposits and collect samples of marine shells for future lab. analysis and dating....

Licence #2277
Principal Investigator: Hawkins, Fred F.
Licensed Year(s): 1978
Summary: To map surface deposits in several fiords south of Merchants Bay, to collect shell and peat samples for dating purposes and to measure elevations of raised marine land forms and lateral moraine....

Licence #2267
Principal Investigator: Mode, William N.
Licensed Year(s): 1978
Summary: Sampling of glacial and marine sediments for compositional and fossil (pollen and marine shelled animals and micro-organisms) analysis and sampling of lake sediments for similar analysis....

Licence #2266
Principal Investigator: Andrews, J.T.
Licensed Year(s): 1978
Summary: To study the gology of Merchants Bay, Baffin Island, N.W.T. Samples of marine shells will be taken for dating pruposes, elevations of marine deposits will be measured and depths sounding will be taken to measure underwater topography....

Licence #2212
Principal Investigator: Jones, B.
Licensed Year(s): 1977
Summary: To collect brachiopod fossils and to study the paleontology and sedimentology of the Read Bay formation....