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Canada-Korea-USA Beaufort Sea Geoscience Research Program: 2013 Activities
Principal Investigator: Dallimore, Scott R
Licensed Year(s): 2017 2014 2013
Summary: The agencies involved are undertaking this research to acquire geoscience knowledge about the outer shelf of the Beaufort Sea with intent to address knowledge gaps related to thawing of subsea permafrost and gas hydrates. The research will be made publicly available to northern communities, regulators, the scientific community and industry through the release of scientific papers, maps and reports...

Sachs Harbour Disposal at Sea Follow up Study
Principal Investigator: Dahl, Mark
Licensed Year(s): 2013 2012
Summary: The study is designed to assess if the assumptions made during the disposal at sea permitting process were accurate and if the permit conditions are effective. Lotek sonic tags will be firmly attached to wastes in 5 different piles dispersed throughout the disposal site. After placement each tag will be photographed, numbered, its unique signal noted and its position recorded using a GPS (Garmi...

Beaufort Shelf Seabed Mapping Project
Principal Investigator: Blasco, Steve M
Licensed Year(s): 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
Summary: The objective of the seabed mapping program is to conduct a regional survey of the Beaufort shelf over the next two years. Ice scouring processes, benthic habitats, abandoned artificial islands, pingo-like features, gas seeps, seafloor foundation conditions, subsea permafrost and coastal stability will be investigated. The Coast Guard vessel CCGS Nahidik will be used as the research platform...

Ice rubble generation and its effects on EER systems and ice loading
Principal Investigator: Barker, Anne
Licensed Year(s): 2010 2007
Summary: It has been observed that large rubble fields surround the exploration drilling structures and ground on the seabed. They are beneficial because they transmit some of the ice load to the seabed and preventing ice crushing the structure. However, they present challenges to safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. To evaluate how ice rubble impacts emergency evacuation and to identify methods t...

Evaluation of New Technologies for Environmental Impact Assessment in the Offshore, Canadian Beaufort Sea
Principal Investigator: Blasco, Steve M
Licensed Year(s): 2001
Summary: The Coast Guard vessel CCGS Nahidik will be used as a research platform to conduct offshore surveys in the Beaufort Sea. A regional grid of survey lines which were first surveyed in the1980's will be resurveyed as follows: (1) using a 300kHz short range multibeam echo sounder (Simrad EM 3000) to produce along-track maps of the topography and character of the seabed. These tracks will be approxi...

Ice Scour Disturbance and the Structure of Arctic Marine Benthic Communities.
Principal Investigator: Conlan, Kathleen E.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993 1992
Summary: Researchers acoustically profile the seabed in the are of Resolute by side scan sonar in order to obtain an aerial view of the seabed and locate scours known from previous years and created over the last winter. Researchers then scuba dive on these scours & count the large animals, collect small animals and measure the physical and chemical characteristics of the scours. This will help to determ...

Marine geological and geophysical studies in Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay during 1993
Principal Investigator: MacLean, Brian
Licensed Year(s): 1993 1990
Summary: This survey will take place from a ship travelling through the Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay region. The researchers will collect information on the history and characteristics of the seabed. Some samples of sediments on the seafloor will be taken for further analyses. Transfer of a few of the ship's crew may take place at Cape Dorset but all other activities will take place in locations remote ...

Emplacement of Debris Flows on Continental Slopes, Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea
Principal Investigator: Hiscott, Richard
Licensed Year(s): 1991
Summary: The Researchers will: map the geometry of debris-flow (mudflow) deposits; document bottom slopes and flow paths; relate debris-flow activity to Pleistocene history of the area and sea-bed cores and use this data to quantify the subaqueous (below water) debris-flow process....

Geophysical and Geological Investigations of the Lougheed Island Basin-Cameron Island Rise - Desbarats Strait - MacLean Strait Region of the Arctic Island Channels Using Open Water Leads in the Permanent Sea Ice.
Principal Investigator: MacLean, Brian
Licensed Year(s): 1987
Summary: To provide information on the composition, thickness, and geotechnical properties of the seafloor sediments, as well as the effect of ice or current scouring, or slumping, or other modifying influences....

Licence #2110
Principal Investigator: Hunter, J.A.
Licensed Year(s): 1977
Summary: To conduct geophysical measurements to determine the presence and extent of sub-seabottom permafrost at selected sites in the Mackenzie Delta area and the Beaufort Sea. The survey will consist of temperature, density, porosity and acoustic measurements of sea bed materials....