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Diamonds and Oil from the Tundra:A System Study on the Impact of Changing Seasons on Mining and Oil Exploration
Principal Investigator: Sturm, Matthew
Licensed Year(s): 2010
Summary: Research goal is to understand how changes in the seasons, particularly the shortening of winter, might impact the economics of the North. In Canada the researcher will focus on the impact of ice road seasons on diamond mining. Research activities will mainly be to observe how environmental data are collected in the field, how they are utilized by regulatory agencies to make decisions, and how bu...

Nonacho Lake Investigations for the Taltson Expansion Project
Principal Investigator: Panayi, Damian
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: Objectives of the surveys will be to document locations of snowmobile travel routes, record snow depth, ice thickness, presence of overflow, and presence of hanging ice and thickness of air pocket if present. The Deze Energy Corporation is planning to construct the Taltson Expansion Project, which would supply diamond mines with hydroelectricity from the Twin Gorges facility on the Taltson Rive...

Winter Low Ground Pressure Vehicle Trials
Principal Investigator: Callow, Lin
Licensed Year(s): 2004
Summary: The objective of these trials is to evaluate the performance of Low Ground Pressure Vehicles (LGPV) on frozen tundra without surface preparation. The effects of LGPV passage on soil, permafrost, and vegetation will be monitored and the details of each tr...

Converging Ecological Currents: A First Nations Ecovisitor Strategy.
Principal Investigator: Beddoes, Colin
Licensed Year(s): 2000 1999
Summary: The objective of this study is to carry out a strategic analysis of the opportunities and constraints facing the Dene in their implementation of eco-cultural tourism. Transportation to and on site will be by automobile. Data collection will be carried out while working under the direction of planning staff at the Dene Cultural Institute (DCI). Data collection will involve non-structured intervi...

An investigation of tourist motivations for traveling to Arctic Canada
Principal Investigator: Chappell, Hayley
Licensed Year(s): 1999
Summary: The overall goal of the project is to examine the various factors which motivate tourists to select locations Canadian Arctic, such as Inuvik, as a travel destination. The researcher will be interviewing tourists traveling to Inuvik. A questionnaire form and/or a personal interview will be used to ask questions about their visit to the Northwest Territories. All participants will have the objectiv...

Constraints to Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in the Development of a Sustainable Tourism Industry
Principal Investigator: Pisani, Shane
Licensed Year(s): 1998
Summary: My research collection will be comprised of both interviews for key stakeholders and surveys amongst all stakeholders in the tourism industry. I am anticipating beginning interviews and surveys in early August and completing the research by mid-September 1998. The interviews and surveys will involve government agencies and nongovernmental organizations (NGO's)- no individual names will be used. T...

Transmission of Geographical Knowledge in Inuinnait Society
Principal Investigator: Collignon, Beatrice M.
Licensed Year(s): 1998 1992 1991
Summary: To get a better understanding of knowledge transmission and evolution in Inuinnait society, in the field of geography (knowledge related to the land and to location) and to continue a wider research on Inuinnait's geographical knowledge the Inuinnait will be interviewed in the community of Holman. They will be asked about one or two of the following topics: 1) transmission of traveling routes, whi...

Hydrographic Surveys: Canada's Western Arctic.
Principal Investigator: Lusk, Barry M.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993
Summary: Ships of many types and ships designed for many purposes transmit Canada's SouthernNorthwest Passage. Each of these ships posesa potential danger to the passengers & crews aboard as well as to the environment. The Canadian Hydrographic Service is conducting surveys to produce nautical charts to assist ships to travel safely. Potentially shallow passages will be surveyed to ensure safe navigation c...

Licence #2391
Principal Investigator: Furnell, Don
Licensed Year(s): 1978
Summary: To determine areas used as summer retreats by polar bear....