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Northern Men's Research Project
Principal Investigator: Randall, Katie A
Licensed Year(s): 2014 2013
Summary: The objectives of this research project are: 1. to conduct research to identify gaps and barriers and supportive factors to Inuit, First Nations and Metis men’s participation in education (particularly literacy and essential skills [LES] acquisition) and employment; 2. to build the research & knowledge capacity of the northern literacy coalitions to further our goals of becoming centers of exper...

A Comparative Analysis of Vocational Education and Training Programs in Northern Canada
Principal Investigator: Hodgkins, Andrew P
Licensed Year(s): 2012 2011 2010
Summary: The objectives of this third and final phase of the research are to share research findings with community stakeholders and community members. In doing so, feedback received will be used to validate findings and also provide a means of further engaging with community stakeholders. Research findings will be presented in the form of public presentations and individual presentations to various ass...

Enhancing Youth-Focused, Evidence-Informed Treatment Practices through Cross-Sectoral Collaboration
Principal Investigator: Henderson, Joanna L
Licensed Year(s): 2012
Summary: The overall objectives of this national project are: 1) to provide training in the use of a youth screening tool for mental health and substance use concerns to service providers from agencies who have agreed to all use the same screening tool; 2) to understand the impact of training and project participation on service providers; and, 3) to better understand youth mental health and substance use ...

Using Inuvialuit Observations to Monitor Environmental Conditions in the Mackenzie Delta Region of the Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Bennett, Trevor D
Licensed Year(s): 2010
Summary: The primary objective of this research involves testing a strategy for using Inuvialuit Knowledge to monitor environmental conditions in the Mackenzie Delta Region (MDR) of the Northwest Territories. Methods will include participatory photo mapping, community mapping, and photo elicitation interviews to monitor, record, document and communicate Inuvialuit observations of environmental change in th...

Healthy Foods North - Experience and Training for Northerners
Principal Investigator: De Roose, Elsie C.
Licensed Year(s): 2010 2009 2008 2007
Summary: The objectives of this component of Healthy Foods North are: 1. Capacity building for community members and students in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, data collection and community engagement, with the practical learning applications being facilitated through HFN. 2.Capacity building, training and education for communications through presentations, outreach, and results...

Swimming against the mainstream: Shallow water pool certification
Principal Investigator: Giles, Audrey R.
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: Since 1967 the NWT Aquatics Program has brought aquatic leaders from southern Canada to the North to teach northern residents water safety in an effort to decrease high drowning rates. The NWT Recreation and Parks Association in conjunction with the Lifesaving Society of Canada will be piloting the Shallow Water Pool Lifeguard certification to address the problem of having very few northern reside...

The NWT Aquatics Program: A Case Study of Leadership Development
Principal Investigator: Giles, Audrey R.
Licensed Year(s): 2007
Summary: Since its inception in 1967, the NWT Aquatics Program has brought aquatic leaders from southern Canada to the north to teach northern residents the importance of physical activity, leadership and water safety from a southern perspective, in an effort to decrease high drowning rates. The NWT Aquatics Program has escaped academic scrutiny required to learn from its successes and address its shor...

2004 Winter and Spring Aquatic Studies in the Sahtu Settlement Area
Principal Investigator: Povey, Andrew
Licensed Year(s): 2004 2003
Summary: Imperial Oil Resources Ltd., Aboriginal Pipeline Group, ConocoPhillips Canada (North) Ltd., Shell Canada Ltd., and ExxonMobil Canada Properties are continuing baseline studies begun in 2001 as part of the Mackenzie Gas Project. This study has two compone...

Community Fire Project
Principal Investigator: Lanoville, Rick
Licensed Year(s): 2004 2003
Summary: This project will use experimental prescribed burns to evaluate the effectiveness of forest fuel treatments and sprinkler systems in protecting homes and communities from wildfires. It will also provide on-the-job training for young adults as well as op...

Building Capacity: Aurora College Teacher Education Program Review
Principal Investigator: Tymchak, Michael
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: This review was initiated by Aurora College as part of explorations along with the Department of Education, Culture and Employment related to providing opportunities for northerners to complete the Bachelor of Education degree in the NWT. The project pur...