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Boreal Forest Carbon Balance Studies
Principal Investigator: Layden, Ronald E.
Licensed Year(s): 2017
Summary: The objective of this project is to increase the understanding of taiga carbon balance of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and predict into the future the impacts of climate warming on these systems. The exchange of carbon gases between the taiga and atmosphere is a significant component of the carbon balance and is dependent upon vegetation cover. The description below for the tundra site at...

Impact of melt ponds on energy and momentum fluxes between atmosphere and sea ice (acronym: MELTEX)
Principal Investigator: Birnbaum, Gerit
Licensed Year(s): 2008
Summary: The main goal of this project is to better understand how melt ponds evolve, and their influence on absorption/reflection of solar radiation at the sea ice surface. This information will help to predict summer sea ice melt and future Arctic climate. Data will be collected by using instruments mounted on the German research aircraft Polar5. The airbase of Polar5 will be Inuvik. The aircraft will...

Modelling of Evaporation and Heat Balance of Great Bear Lake
Principal Investigator: Rouse, Wayne R
Licensed Year(s): 2006 2005 2004
Summary: The objectives of the research are to: pursue temperature and energy balance studies on Great Bear Lake; determine if Great Bear Lake’s climate behaves like that of Great Slave Lake, or if its unique geographical position and physical attributes make it distinctive; and to explore the temperature structure of the atmosphere above Great Bear Lake and link this with heat and moisture exchanges betwe...

UV-B Impacts On The Microbial Food Web In High Arctic Freshwater Ecosystems
Principal Investigator: Vincent, W.F.
Licensed Year(s): 1994
Summary: There is increasing evidence that levels of solar UV-B radiation have begun to rise in the high Arctic. Little is known about microbial life-forms in the ecosystems of Arctic lakes and rivers and their UV-B resistance. A sampling hole will be drilled in the lake ice. These samples of zooplankton will be studied by a microscope. Samples of water and periphytic communites will also be taken. Underw...

Hydrology and geochemistry of a high arctic lake basin: Colour Lake, Axel Heiberg Island, NWT
Principal Investigator: English, Michael C
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1992 1991
Summary: The researchers are interested in understanding how physical factors (snowmelt, rainfall, solar radiation) play a role in thawing the upper part of the ground each year during the spring and summer. Instruments in the ground will collect data that will estimate how much energy (from the sun) is entering into and melting the frozen ground. Other instruments will measure snowmelt, rainfall and the...

Early polar cap observations
Principal Investigator: Kelly, John D.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993
Summary: The researchers are continuing their long term study of the earth's atmosphere from the newly established scientific facility in Resolute Bay. Data will be collected in order to understand the influence of the sun on the earth's atmosphere....

Mesoscale climates and paleoclimates of the Baffin Island region
Principal Investigator: Jacobs, John D.
Licensed Year(s): 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1988 1987
Summary: This research, begun in 1985, involves measuring climate data such as air and ground temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, precipitation and snow depth. Automatic data collecting stations have been set up to measure these data. The purpose of this research is to document a more accurate picture of the region's climate, to obtain information about the past cli...

Licence #2626
Principal Investigator: Wardell, G.E.
Licensed Year(s): 1981
Summary: (1) Birds: in particular to study the migratory habits of Light-bellied Brent Geese from Ireland to the high Arctic. (2) Solar Radiation: to determine the efficiency of several solar energy collecting devices (a solar cooker, piece of polar bear pelt, and photo voltaic solar cells)....

Licence #2251
Principal Investigator: Welch, H.E.
Licensed Year(s): 1978
Summary: To conduct hydrological, meteorological and ice studies....