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Inuvialuit Voices: cultural heritage preservation and access through digital storytelling in digital libraries
Principal Investigator: Shiri, Ali
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: This licence has been issued for the scientific research application No.4547. The overarching objective of this study is to investigate, develop, and evaluate a real-time, audio-recording digital storytelling and commenting user interface for the Inuvialuit Digital Library in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) in order to facilitate live capturing of Inuit community input and stories while ...

The Reflection Room: Moving from Death-Denying to Death-Discussing, Part 2
Principal Investigator: Holyoke, Paul
Licensed Year(s): 2019
Summary: Human beings are storytellers. Understanding complex challenges through narrative builds empathy. Stories also trigger the imagination for future possibility. The research team think that providing places for storytelling and places for reading the stories of others might trigger more thinking and discussing dying and death. In this research, the team will build on a study of, Reflection Rooms,...

Turning Points: A collaborative digital storytelling project in Yellowknife
Principal Investigator: Klein, Peter
Licensed Year(s): 2019 2018
Summary: The research team hope to address and counter the history of researchers and journalists taking Indigenous stories and knowledge away from communities. Instead, the team hope to work in a good way to create, edit, and share stories that are meaningful to participants and their communities, and that counter harmful stereotypes. To do this, the team will develop and reflect on a strategy for collabo...

Exploring what success means from the perspectives of Aboriginal Elders, parents and educators in Aklavik, Northwest Territories
Principal Investigator: Watson, Meghan
Licensed Year(s): 2016
Summary: The research question is: “How do Aboriginal Elders, parents and educators define ‘success’ for Aboriginal youth residing in Aklavik, Northwest Territories?” The Principal Investigator (PI) will consider how these visions of success align with (or depart from) the Inuit Holistic Lifelong Learning Model presented by the Canadian Council on Learning (2007). The research question will be answered by ...