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Youth-Led Adaptations for Healthy Sahtú Communities in an Uncertain Era of Climate Change
Principal Investigator: Morgan, Shauna
Licensed Year(s): 2014 2013
Summary: The long-term objectives of this project are to: 1. Establish the foundation for health programs that proactively address climate change and reflect the holism of Dene stories; 2. Establish the foundation for more comprehensive climate change adaptation planning by Tulít’a that will be incorporated into local policy and decision-making; 3. Build relationships of mutual support between elders...

Hay River Youth Disposition Panel: Perceptions and Experiences of Participants
Principal Investigator: Katz, Helena
Licensed Year(s): 2003
Summary: In cases in which young offenders plead guilty, the youth court in Hay River convenes a Youth Disposition Panel of teens from Diamond Jenness Secondary School to offer the judge a sentencing recommendation based on the case. The panel's operation is uni...

Stages of Change Profiles in Adolescent Clinical Treatment
Principal Investigator: Pace, Elizabeth
Licensed Year(s): 2003
Summary: This research intends to explore the readiness for change in an adolescent population seeking counseling in a clinical setting. Data collection in the Northwest Territories will be limited to one psychological private practice. Data collection will comm...

Youth in Transition Survey
Principal Investigator: Auchterlonie, Sandy
Licensed Year(s): 2002
Summary: This project will help to provide an understanding of 1) the transitions youth in the NWT face; 2) the difficulties that sometimes go along with transitions; 3) what helps transitions go smoothly; and 4) the programs, services and other resources youth n...

Canadian Youth, Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Study
Principal Investigator: Doherty, Maryanne
Licensed Year(s): 2002 2001
Summary: The research team will interview students in Grades 7, 9 and 11 (generally ages 12, 14 and 16) from across Canada to examine the changes that occur in sexual health behaviors and attitudes at critical development stages in adolescence. Nationally, data will be collected from a sample of 1150 students in each of Grades 7, 9 and 11. This method will simulate a longitudinal study of sexual health, ...

Identification of Adolescent Problems and Methods of Help-Seeking: A Cross-Cultural Study
Principal Investigator: Thompson, Caroline
Licensed Year(s): 1991 1990
Summary: Ms. Thompson will use a questionnaire translated into English and Inuktitut, which asks youths 13-15 and 18-20 to identify their three most pressing problems, coping strategies and the characteristics of adults they would turn to for help....